Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Luke's NHL Bracket

Here's my official NHL 2015 bracket. Since my beloved Bruins decided to blow it and aren't in the playoffs this year it will be pretty sad watching the playoffs. 

I think the Isles are going to take it all this year. They've been hot all season. I'm unsure about the Ducks and Blues in the West, I think it's a real toss up as to whole can win it all. I have a feeling Calgary will beat the Canucks but don't think they have enough playoff experience to beat the Ducks in the second round. As for the East, the Rangers will obviously run train on the Penguins, they have been the hottest team in the East all year. That second round match up between the Rangers and Islanders will be must watch hockey, every game will be electric but I think that's where the Rangers luck runs out. As everyone knows, the team that wins the Presidents Trophy never wins the cup. Although Montreal has been strong this season, I think Ottawa will be able to sneak by them. It should be an awesome series but I think the Canadiens rely to heavily on Price. 

I'll be interested to see how things work out come June.

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