Monday, April 13, 2015

Remembering the Hartford Whalers: 18 Years Ago Today

It was today 18 years ago that the Hartford Whalers played their last game ever. A 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Whalers were never extremely successful in the NHL, only making the playoffs 8 times in 18 years and having one playoff series win. It's a shame that the Whalers were set with the deck against them playing in Hartford, so they had to compete with the Bruins and Rangers for fans, the Hartford Civid Center where they played their games was also extremely small. The Whalers averaged 14,000 fans at their home games. Some notable ex-Whalers players are Paul Coffey, Gordie Howe, Mark Howe, Bobby Hull, Brendan Shanahan, Ron Francis and, Jean Sebastian Giguerge, the last Whalers player to be active in the NHL. I'm sure there are quite a few Whalers players that I left off that list but those are some key names. Unfortunately the market in Hartford just isn't strong enough to justify bringing the Whalers back. The city barely supports an AHL team so i can't imagine an NHL team would do much better. Although if the Whalers did come back it would be incredible. Best unis in the league. Hands down.

P.S.- The Whalers had the best goal song of ALL TIME. 

The last Whalers goal ever

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