Wednesday, November 11, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 10

Hey guys, guess what? There was another insane finish to a college football game this weekend. In fact there were two. Not surprised? Yeah me neither. Pretty much the standard these days. Here we go. Rankings now represent the College Football Playoff rankings now that those came out for the first time last week. 

1. Clemson Tigers (vs. #16 Florida State, W 23-13): We didn't start well, but we certainly finished well. And that's what great football teams do. Dalvin Cook took the second play of the game 75 yards to the house, and after that FSU didn't touch the end zone. Dalvin Cook had something like 125 rushing yards in the first quarter. After that? About 70. And you really can't say enough about Deshaun Watson. He missed some open guys in the first half, FSU's defense looked good as well. But he stayed poised and delivered for the Tigers in the second half. Also, Wayne Gallman didn't have much room to run for most of the game, and then when Clemson needed it most, he busts out a 25 yard game-sealing TD run. Another guy who struggled most of the game, or at least in the first half, was linebacker Ben Boulware and then all of a sudden he starts making some huge plays, including a 4th and 1 stop of Dalvin Cook in the fourth quarter. All in all, it was incredible game to be at and I'm glad we finally beat FSU.

2. LSU Tigers (@ #4 Alabama, L 30-16): For the first time all year Leonard Fournette was shut down. And I know Alabama is good, but this game showed that stopping Fournette is really all you have to do to beat LSU. Obviously it's a lot easier said than done, but Bama did it, so it's possible.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Minnesota, W 28-14): Cardale Jones was back starting in place of JT Barrett who was suspended for the game after his DUI last week. And the Bucks keep winning. Again, not a very impressive win. But they keep on winning.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. #2 LSU, W 30-16): Hey guys, that Derrick Henry fella is pretty good too.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (@ Pittsburgh, W 42-30): Deshone Kizer keeps on getting better, and Clemson's win over the Irish keeps looking better and better. 

6. Baylor Bears (@ Kansas State, W 31-24): Baylor's QB is out for the season, so what do they do? Plug in some freshman back up to throw for 400 yards. Still think Baylor is a fraud team. Considering they only won by 7 and all.

7. Michigan State Spartans (@ Nebraska, L 39-38): So this was one of the crazy endings of the weekend, but not the craziest. I don't know if I've ever seen a poorer call on the field than the one that gave Nebraska the game winning TD with 17 seconds left. But with that being said, there isn't an ounce of me that didn't love every second of it. MSU should have lost multiple times by now and finally they do. 

8. TCU Horned Frogs (@ #14 Oklahoma State, L 49-29): None of these Big 12 schools had played anyone good yet, but for OK State to be the one to come out firing on all cylinders and knocking off TCU was pretty surprising. I thought TCU was the best team in the Big 12 to start the season but clearly they got some work to do. Now that they lost, I definitely want OK State to run the table in the conference. Oh, and Mason Rudolph and James Washington seem like a good duo...

9. Iowa Hawkeyes (@ Indiana, W 35-27): Hey guys, sorry I still know nothing about this undefeated top 10 team and I haven't seen them play all year. In due time, friends.

10. Florida Gators (vs. Vanderbilt, W 9-7): Wow. Just too much offense to wrap my head around. Can't even go any further. Next.

11. Stanford Cardinal (@ Colorado, W 42-10): Not much to say here. Stanford is solid. Colorado sucks.

12. Utah Utes (@ Washington, W 34-23): Some REALLY lame games in the Pac 12 this weekend, huh?

13. Memphis Tigers (vs. Navy, L 45-20): Keenan Reynolds is really good and he's now gotten Navy into the top 25 after the upset over Memphis. Which just means that Navy's annual thumping of Army is gonna suck even more this year. Good run Memphis had though.

14. Oklahoma State (vs. #8 TCU, W 49-29): I'm hoping OK State can keep it going. They have an unreal offense, and if their defense can even somewhat limit opposing teams like they did with TCU, then I think they have a legitimate shot at going to the playoffs. They still have Baylor and Oklahoma left, but Baylor is a bunch of frauds and OK State can definitely handle the Sooners.

15. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Iowa State, W 52-16): Not much to say about this one. Sooners continue their routing ways. Iowa State blows.

16. Florida State Seminoles (@ #1 Clemson, L 23-13): Sean McGuire sucks, but so does Everett Golson. Golson probably woulda thrown about 5 interceptions so McGuire was the right move. But once Clemson stopped Dalvin Cook, the game was over. That's all the Noles got.

17. Michigan Wolverines (vs. Rutgers, W 49-16): With the Michigan State loss, the Wolverines are right back in the thick of things to reach the Big 10 title game. Just gotta beat Ohio State and hope Michigan State loses to Ohio State.

18. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. Arkansas, L 53-52 OT): And this was crazy ending #2. I don't even get how it happened and I certainly can't describe it so just watch.

19. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. Auburn, L 26-10): Yeah so A&M isn't good.

20. Mississippi State Bulldogs (@ Missouri, W 31-13): Good thing Mississippi State got outta Columbia before all this ridiculous Mizzou shit started going down. God that would suck to have to deal with that right now.

21. Northwestern Wildcats (vs. Penn State, W 23-21): Definitely thought Northwestern would lose this one since Penn State is pretty good this year, but it seems like the Wildcats are back on track. Good for them.

22. Temple Owls (@ SMU, W 60-40): SMU kept it close for a little while, but they suck so they lost.

23. UCLA Bruins (@ Oregon State, W 41-0): Oregon State blows, but UCLA does look like they're playing how they were at the beginning of the year. It's been an up and down season for the Bruins.

24. Toledo Rockets (vs. Northern Illinois, L 32-27): Good run Toledo, but the big boys of the MAC had to rain on your parade.

25. Houston Cougars (vs. Cincinnati, W 33-30): The Cougs stay undefeated.

And that'll wrap it up for week 10. Sorry I got this one done so late but whatever. Clemson back at #1 in the new CFB Playoff rankings. Go Tigers.

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