Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#5YearsOfOneDirection So It Seems Like a Good Time to Put Together a Top 5 1D Songs So Far List

So I guess it's the 5 year anniversary of One Direction becoming a band so I'll do my part in the celebration and give a little top 5 songs so far countdown. I know I know, seems impossible right? Well as hard as this will be, I'm game for it so here we go.

5. "What Makes You Beautiful"

4. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

3. "Story of My Life"

2. "Steal My Girl"

1. "One Thing"

Didn't even like 1D until "One Thing" came out as the second single. And it's still my favorite. Honestly though, this was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Apologies to Gotta Be You, Same Mistakes, You and I, Change Your Ticket, 18, Stockholm Syndrome, No Control, Diana, C'mon C'mon, Strong, Better Than Words and Everything About You. Oh, and all the other songs as well.

We've been blessed with 5 years of One Direction, and here's to hoping we get at least 5 more.

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