Monday, July 13, 2015

This Kid Replying All to a University Email Asking Clemson to Change the Title of Their "Chief Diversity Officer" Position Because it's Racist to Native Americans Can't Be Serious, Can He?

So everyone at Clemson got a mass email asking people to review some candidates for the new Chief Diversity Officer position and this absolute lunatic replied all and sent this email complaining about how calling the position CHIEF Diversity Officer is racist towards Native Americans because that word is reserved just for Native American tribe chiefs. Just incredibly absurd if this kid is being serious. I want to believe it so bad but who knows anymore man. Could just be a weirdo replying all to mass emails trying to mess with the university. 

If this guy is serious, I have one question for him. Does he want every company in existence to change the title name for their Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer? He probably doesn't even know that's what CEO and CFO stand for. 

Also, there is literally a less than zero percent chance that this kid with the last name of Schweiker is a Native American.

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