Thursday, July 16, 2015

John Daly Crushing the Open Championship

John Daly is having himself a god damn  helluva week at the Open Championship at St. Andrews and I absolutely LOVE it. I keep watching the video of him ripping a heater at the end of his interview and it kills me every single time. Everything this guy does is absolute gold. Obviously his pants game is fire. Guy gives zero fucks. Rocks the sickest mullet. All jokes asided, if I could find out where JD gets his pants I would order a million. I need every single pair. In another interview this week when Daly was asked about his work out routine he said "I don't work out, I put out" you fuckin' savage Johnny i love it. There's absolutely no one in this world that i'd rather hang out with. He kills life 24/7. The next great move by Johnny was showing up to the Past Champions Photo in this unreal sports coat. 
You handsome SOB, JD. Today Johnny boy was playing with Jason Dufner and Miguel Jimenez. What a got dang crew! Dufner is out there packing the fattest lips you'll ever see, JD is chain smoking heaters and Jimenez is crushing cubans. I'd love to be a fly on the wall with those three. After the round they'll probably head on over to the local saloon (i'm pretty sure that's what they call bars on the other side of the pond) and grab a few Budweisers and make fun of the locals. 

Mullets, cigs and booze for life baby!

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