Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tom Brady 4-Game Suspension Upheld

So the news broke today that the most corrupt ruler in the world continued to be corrupt. Roger Goodell upheld Brady's 4 game suspension. It's absolutely bullshit. Something that everyone is up in arms about is the fact that Tom Brady destroyed his cellphone. But my question is do you HONESTLY think that Tom Brady has to hand over his cell phone to the NFL? The NFL isn't the government, they don't hold that type of power. If someone that hated you asked to see your cell phone, would you give it to them? 0 shot, even if you have nothing to hide you wouldn't give it to your enemy.  Brady said himself that he gets a new cellphone every four months and gives his old one to his assistant. I'm guessing there's no shot that Brady said he destroys his phone, that's what the NFL said. Brady has way too many really smart lawyers that would not let him say that. 
It's obviously not the best look, but there's no way that Tom Brady "destroyed" his cell phone. Anyone that thinks the Wells report was all the evidence needed, you're an IDIOT! No shit the Wells report backed up what Goodell said, HE HIRED THE FIRM TO DO THE REPORT! You think Goodell didn't throw them a little extra cash to swing this in the NFL's favor? I also hate everyone saying "Why doesn't Tom Brady just admit to it?" BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DO IT AND THERE'S NO PROOF OF HIM DOING IT. No shit he didn't admit to it, you don't admit to something you didn't do. 
I think that this says it all and makes it clear that this has just been a witch hunt all along. If the Wells' team had all of Brady's communications with these guys what in the WORLD do they need his cell phone for? Are you fucking serious? YOU HAVE ALL OF THE MESSAGES BETWEEN THE PARTIES! What did they think they would find on Brady's phone? 
This is straight from Donald Yee, Tom Brady's agent. Just once again proving that everyone in the NFL is a huge god damn idiot and this has been a witch hunt all along. As to the actual suspension it's a four gamer, which means Tom will miss games against the Steelers, Bills, Jags and Cowboys. Unfortunately the Pats have a Week 4 bye. If Brady really does end up being suspended for all four games, I am not worried AT ALL about Jimmy G. I have as much faith in him as possible. The banner is supposed to be raised Week 1 obviously to celebrate the Super Bowl win, I think that if Kraft has ANY balls left at all, he has to move the banner raising to week 7 against the Jets, Tom Brady's first home game. It really blows that Brady won't be in game action till Week 6, October 18th against guess who! The Colts!!! I can't wait for Brady to come back that week and shove the Colts stupid little faces into the ground and beat them by 38 points again. It was reported that the NFLPA was going to take this to court and it would go to a court in Minnesota where there is a judge that frequently rules against the NFL, so instead of that Roger Goodell goes to one of his buddies in New York City and decides to take this to court so they will back him up, rather than the NFLPA taking it to court where it will be seen in fair eyes. 

The next few coming weeks should be interesting as this all unravels. 

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