Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If Bruce Jenner Still Has a Dick, How is He a Woman?

SourceIt’s a woman’s prerogative, and it’s not too late forCaitlyn Jenner to change her mind.
Sources say the former Olympic decathlon champion still has her penis, and could revert to being a man, if being Caitlyn doesn’t work out.
For just this reason, most doctors advise gender reassignment patients to wait at least a year after their transitions before undergoing genital reconstruction.
“The new vagina can be made by folding in the scrotum and sometimes using a piece of colon, but it is major surgery,” one plastic surgeon told me.
In the meantime, Caitlyn can use the same trick employed by drag queens. “Since Ms. Jenner has been on hormones for a while, the male genitalia would have shrunken. So a transgender will ‘tuck’ the penis in,allowing for a [lingerie] photo like Annie Leibovitz’s [for Vanity Fair].”
If Caitlyn stops taking female hormones, her package will grow back, said the doc. “Everything Caitlyn has done to date is reversible.”
The change in gender could also change Jenner’s sexual orientation. While the athletetold Diane Sawyer he was always attracted to women, she is now unsure if she is a lesbian, or if she will be attracted to men.
Either way, it’s not a priority, she told Vanity Fair: “If you have a list of 10 reasons to transition, sex would be No. 10.”

Click on the link to that article on Page Six. If that title doesn't make you laugh out loud then I don't consider you a human being, much like I don't consider a man with a dick a woman. "Caitlyn Jenner Still Has Her Penis." Let me repeat that for you. CAITLYN Jenner still has HER....wait for it...PENIS. I'm a pretty intolerant person. I may be ignorant sometimes. I may be closed minded sometimes. But someone please explain to me how a man who was born with a dick and still has said dick is a woman all of a sudden? This whole thing is just absurd to me. Utterly insane. Now even if Bruce Jenner did get his cock removed I still wouldn't call him a woman and I'm probably never gonna call him Caitlyn Jenner just because I don't know who the fuck that is. I'm familiar with Bruce Jenner. And when I see a dude, I usually don't think of Caitlyns, so Bruce it is. But anyway, back to the point. Even if he didn't have a penis anymore, he's still a dude. He was born a dude and chopping your dick off doesn't change that. I just don't understand trannies and if that makes me an asshole then I don't ever want to be a non-asshole. I imagine trannies just being some sort of non-human martians from some planet not named Earth who think getting their genitals removed is some sort of award winning feat. Fucking 2015 man. Chicks have dicks and I'm a jerk if I don't accept it. Unreal.

P.S. I thought sexual orientation was something you were born with? Like if you're born a straight dude and like women, then I feel like you probably still like women when you fake become a woman, right? All of a sudden it's up in the air? Real kick in the dick for that theory, no?

P.P.S. The actual surgery sounds like the worst and most disgusting thing of all time. Tucking in the scrotum and using a piece of colon? They just fold your ball sack and use part of your asshole to make a vagina?? Christ man, see a psychiatrist if you're considering that (probably shoulda seen one a long time ago anyway).

P.P.P.S. Just want to remind you all: A man with a dick is actually a woman. 

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  1. A guy getting breast implants makes him a courageous hero woman? It's just more Kardashian nonsense.