Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lady's Husband Lost $100 Million, Says She's Never Been Happier

SourceManhattan writer Suzanne Corso, 46, was once a card-carrying member of the 1 percent — until her financier husband lost their $100 million nest egg in the 2008 fiscal meltdown. Here, the mother of one, who has just published her third novel, “Hello, Hollywood,” tells The Post’s Jane Ridley her very New York story of survival.

"My 6-year-old daughter doesn’t think twice about calling room service from our luxury residential hotel to order a $25 cheeseburger for herself.
It’s November 2005 and we’ve been living in an 11-room suite at the Ritz-Carlton on West Street for a little more than two years. And first-grader Samantha has developed quite the habit of ordering in.
Far from finding it cute, I’m appalled — I grew up on welfare in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, so the charm and appeal of the whole “Eloise at the Plaza” scenario is wasted on me as I consider that we might be raising a spoiled child.
How ironic, then, that just three years later that privileged lifestyle would come crashing down around our heads. My husband, Anthony, now 52, lost his entire fortune — more than $100 million — in the Wall Street financial crisis, leaving us wondering where our next rent check would come from.
Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened. Hanging out with the uber-wealthy was dull and empty. If someone handed me $100 million today, I’d give it back in a heartbeat. Why? Because I’ve found the fulfillment I’ve craved since childhood."

I'm not buying this for one single second. That is an absurd quote. "If someone handed me $100 million today, I'd give it back in a heartbeat." No you wouldn't. There's no chance you give it back. That's insane, and it's an insult to poor people all over the world. That's basically saying to people that are starving regularly that if someone hands you $100 mil, don't take it because you're happier now. Stop lying to people lady. It's not cool. Who gives a fuck if your six year old daughter likes to order room service? That's not being spoiled. That's called having $100 million and being able to have food called up to your room like a boss. It's really no different than ordering a pizza for delivery. It's a service. It's not being spoiled. It's not your daughter's fault that you have a shit ton of money that needs to spent on $25 cheeseburgers. I also love the quote about hanging out with wealthy people all the time. Can't imagine what's so dull and empty about hanging out with people that are rich as fuck. People that are rich can do whatever they want, so if you didn't take advantage of that that's your fault. But don't give me this fucking horse shit about you never being happier than you are after losing $100 million. You're embarrassing yourself, and insulting everyone that has less than $100 million. If you hate money so much, stop writing books and selling them. Dumb bitch.

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