Wednesday, June 17, 2015

These Georgia (the Country) People Who Killed a Tiger Because it Mauled a Guy are the Worst of the Worst

SourceTBILISI, Georgia — A tiger that broke loose after severe flooding at the Tbilisi Zoo mauled a man to death Wednesday before being shot by police.
The Interior Ministry in the former Soviet republic of Georgia said the tiger was hiding at an abandoned factory that had been turned into a construction market when he attacked the man Wednesday. The victim later died of his wounds at a hospital.
“We entered the depot and, suddenly, a white tiger rushed out of an adjacent room and attacked one of the workers, jumping at his throat and mauling him,” colleague Alexander Shavbulashvili told The Associated Press. “We broke the window of another room to flee, and the sound of breaking glass must have scared it and it ran away.”
Police commandos rushed to the site and killed the tiger.
“It was a white tiger,” Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri told the AP. “We wanted to sedate it, but it was very aggressive and we had to liquidate it.”
An earlier ministry claim that the tiger also wounded another man proved wrong.
Zoo spokeswoman Khatia Basilashvili couldn’t immediately offer any details about the dead tiger.
The Georgian government on Wednesday harshly criticized zoo officials for failing to provide reliable information. On Tuesday, zoo officials said all eight lions, seven tigers and at least two of the zoo’s three jaguars were killed in the flooding in Georgia’s capital.
The flooding, triggered by torrential rains over the weekend, killed at least 19 people, destroyed houses and tore up roads. Six people remain missing.
The zoo said Wednesday that one of its 17 penguins was found alive by Georgian border guards in the Kura River near the border with Azerbaijan, 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of the capital. Eight other penguins had been found alive earlier.
Zoo officials say less than half of the zoo’s 600 inhabitants have survived the flooding.

I'm sick of all these third world countries having such awesome animals and killing them. Hey fucksticks, you mind keeping a tiger alive one time for me? I mean shit. Your zoo just flooded killing a bunch of animals and you're gonna kill the ONE tiger that survived because it killed a guy? Bullshit. Hey dead Georgian guy, get out of the way bro. And all you police officers who decided to kill the tiger, what the fuck are you doing? They said it got scared and ran away. Fuckin chill out. Sorry your zoo sucks and flooded, and sorry your stupid workers don't know how to avoid getting mauled by tigers. Tigers are the coolest god damn animals on the planet so I'm always gonna be team tiger over one of these third world morons. I mean I laughed out loud when that tiger mauled that Indian kid who jumped in its den. And for good reason. These people are idiots. Team tiger for life. It's bad enough that half of Africa's awesome animals are endangered or threatened. It's bad enough that Indians are killing tigers and elephants and shit. It's bad enough that Georgia is flooding zoos and killing over half the inhabitants of it. We don't need assholes like these people killing the one god damn tiger that escapes all this shit. Just relax you absolute lunatics. 

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