Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lady Brawls With Mom Over Chicken Fingers

Source-31-year-old Kristin Michelle Howard was arrested Friday. Authorities say the Flagler County Sheriff's Office was called to a mobile home park in Bunnell around 11:30 p.m. Deputies say Howard's mother, Kimberly Miller, accused her of coming home drunk and angry and making a plate of chicken and biscuits. Authorities say Miller and Howard argued over who owned the food and Howard punched her mother in the face and threw tea on her.

I'm not gonna lie, we've all been here many times in our lives. There's absolutely nothing worse than when all you want to do is eat and your mom says no. Such an awful move by Moms all around the world. I can't even imagine being denied food when I'm drunk, it's the wooooorst after a night of drinking and you go to get food and the place is closed or not serving food, so I kind of get this lady. Punching your mom in the face and pouring tea on her is a psycho move but I get being all sorts of pissed off when you can't eat. 

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