Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some Spanish Royalty Teenager in Hot Water Over Racially Charged Yelling After Not Being Able to Cut in Line at a Theme Park

SourceHe’s got a lengthy rap sheet, yet this fresh-faced teenager has more money and privilege than most people could dream of.
Meet Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón (yes, that’s his real name), the fourth in line to the Spanish throne.
It’s fair to say that young Don Froilan’s behavioral problems over his 16 years have earned him a bit of a reputation.
Not only is he renowned for tantrums, he has been kicked out of school for failing his exams twice, he shot himself in the foot on a hunting trip, and he has even tried to “skewer” a cousin on a family holiday.
Now the king of Spain’s nephew has landed himself in even more hot water.
“Pipe,” as he is known to his friends, has been accused of racially abusing a student at a Madrid theme park after he could not get his own way.
The young royal was on a school trip at the Parque de Atracciones and was in line for The Abyss ride when he tried to jump the line.
According to the Spanish newspaper El Economista, when Pipe was told by a staff member he would have to wait his turn, he got angry.
He is alleged to have reminded theme park workers of his position as “fourth in line to the Spanish throne,” to which one member of staff replied that this would not help him cut in.
The newspaper reports that a student from another school group then told Don Froilan to give up on his quest to jump the line.
It was then that the young royal allegedly shouted: “You shut up, you f—ing chino.” (“Chino” is a derogatory term used in Spain to describe a person of Chinese origin.)
According to another Spanish website, Quien, Don Froilan has been a bit of a headache for not only his parents — father Jaime de Marichalar and mother Elena, the Duchess of Lugo, who is the king’s sister — but the rest of the royal family.
When he was just 6 years old, he famously kicked his female cousin at the wedding of his uncle King Felipe and aunt Letizia.
Then, after his parents divorced, his behavior got worse.
When he shot himself in the foot, he was still 13. In Spain, the legal age to have access to a gun is 14.
On his last family holiday, it was reported that while out sailing, the teenager allegedly headbutted his cousin Paul, then tried to stab him with an iron skewer.
He has supposedly promoted a local nightclub and forged a friendship with Nicolas Francisco Gomez Iglesias, dubbed “Little Nicholas,” a Spanish law student who was charged with forgery, fraud and identity theft after he infiltrated the highest levels of government and allegedly posed as a member of the Spanish intelligence agency.
Don Froilan’s academic record has been appalling. He was kicked out of school for failing his exams twice and now has to take weekly tests to ensure he improves.

I'm sorry but I think I'm missing something here. What's the point of being royalty if you can't cut in line at a theme park on your class field trip? I blame the school here. They should make sure he's first in line just so he doesn't throw a tantrum. I mean who the fuck is the chaperon here? You gotta make sure he's at the front of that line before he makes a scene. And once you fail to do that, you don't turn down royalty regardless of how old they are. You think the royal babies in the UK get turned down at all? Nope. Fuckin kids could crawl to a theme park and get whatever they want. "I'm sorry you don't reach the height limit, you can't get on the -- oh shit you're the royal children, go right ahead Prince George and Princess Charlotte."* Seems like it should be the same in Spain. A royal teen should get whatever he wants. He should get his own field trip for Christ's sake. And if this Chinese dude doesn't wanna get called a chino then don't confront royalty. Bad things happen when you confront the guy who's fourth in line to the Spanish throne. I mean this kid has probably thought about killing the three guys ahead of him in line to the throne so I'm sure he won't hesitate to kill some "chino" on his way. 

Being part of a royal family is nice for many reasons, a main one being you can demand to be the first one on the roller coaster on your field trip. That's the kind of demand that you should hope you get from royalty. You can't just throw the kid in the middle of the line. It's bad enough this kid has to go on a field trip with his peasant classmates, so you should probably try to adhere to his demands as much as possible once you're there. Figure it out non-royalty Spain or pretty soon you'll be back to a feudal system where this kid literally owns you. 

*Imagine when those kids turn like 4 or 5 and the butlers and shit have to call them Prince George and Princess Charlotte. God that would suck. Just being a servant to toddlers. Although, they probably do get paid fancily (I think that's how they say it over there) which makes it easier. 

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