Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Someone Needs to Go Check on Rafael Nadal Because I'm Pretty Sure Novak Djokovic Just Murdered Him

Someone needs to check the locker room or Nadal's hotel room or something. Because I'm pretty sure he's dead somewhere. He may have walked off the court but he's definitely lying dead somewhere. And if he's not dead, someone get him a hooker. The Djoker just holding nothing back today. Absolutely ruthless. I thought this was gonna be a five-set match that Djokovic might even lose. I mean, Nadal has won like 9 of the last 10 French Opens. The guy is supposed to be the king of clay. Novak just having none of it though and I love it. I just can't wait until he wins the whole thing and just chugs a glass of clay.

This dude is a fuckin treasure and if you don't love the Djoker then I probably don't wanna be associated with you.

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