Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cab Driver Honking Pays the Price

SourceA crowd of people standing along Market Street in San Francisco got peeved at cabbie for honking Tuesday morning, so they beat him up and robbed him, police said. The run-in started when the 60-year-old Luxor cab driver went to pick up a fare around 10 a.m. at Market and Ellis Streets near Union Square. When the driver got to the street corner, he began honking to give a heads up to his fare, police said. The honking, though, apparently irritated a small group of people standing on the corner.
This is what happens when you drive around honking. It's the absolute WORST. Nothing I hate more than when im sitting at a stop light and it turns green and I don't go in 1 second and the guy behind me honks. Chill out bro, you'll be fine, one second isn't going to effect your day that much. If someone is about to swerve into your lane and hit you, sure go ahead and honk all you want but don't just drive around the city like an asshole. Im honestly surprised that this hasn't happened more, especially in New York City. There's always asshole cab drivers just slamming on their horn, most annoying sound in the world. If you drive around just honking at everyone I hope you get beat up and robbed.
P.S.- How come once one person honks, everyone does? No need for that

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