Tuesday, October 20, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 7

Week 7 was an unreal week in college football, largely due to one historic play, but in general there were some marquee matchups and some more upsets. Gotta love college football folks.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Penn State, W 38-10): First time in a while that Ohio State has actually looked like the number one team in the country.

2. Baylor Bears (vs. West Virginia, W 62-38): I am just straight up sick of Baylor. They aren't a good football team.

3. TCU Horned Frogs (@ Iowa State, W 45-21): Aaaaand Trevone Boykin kept his foot on the gas in the Heisman race with over 400 yards and 4 TDs, which seems pretty customary for him.

4. Utah Utes (vs. Arizona State, W 34-18): Oh you're leading going into the 4th quarter, ASU? That's cute. Utah's just gonna drop 20 unanswered on you and you guys can head back home.

5. Clemson Tigers (vs. Boston College, W 34-17): Deshaun missed a lot of deep balls in the first half, was picked off on one, and also threw another pick when he was hit as he threw, BUT he figured it out in the second half and still threw for over 400 yards for the first time this year. The Tigers offense put up over 500 yards on statistically the number 1 defense in the country. I can get on board with that. And Clemson's defense, well they continue to dominate games and I love it. A little bit of a tougher test coming up on the road at Miami, but I think we'll be ready. Keep it rolling Tigers.

6. LSU Tigers (vs. #8 Florida, W 35-28): Probably the biggest marquee matchup of the week, despite Will Grier getting suspended for PEDs. My apologies by the way since I said last week that I had no clue who Florida's back up QB was. It's Treon Harris, who started most of last year for the Gators. And he played pretty damn well. Leonard Fournette is just too good though. And Les Miles pulled out his fake field goal play call again to snag the win. Pretty incredible. I don't know where he got his massive balls from but he's been doing that shit for years and it almost always works. Real good win for LSU. Florida should be able to hang around the top 10 as well. They look like a solid team. 
And here's just the fake field goal in case you don't wanna watch 9 minutes of highlights.

7. Michigan State Spartans (@ #12 Michigan, W 27-23): This game had THE craziest ending in college football history, so I'll just let the highlights do the talking.

8. Florida Gators (@ #6 LSU, L 35-28): Considering that Florida just lost their starting QB and were playing the number 6 team in the country on the road, I thought the Gators played great. I mean, LSU needed to break out the fake field goal to beat them. I like where this Florida team is at.

9. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. #10 Alabama, L 41-23): I don't think this loss, even though they got wrecked at home, is too indicative of this Aggies team. I think they're still a very good football team, and they may be worthy of being a top 10 team. I think it's just that Alabama is finally hitting their stride and becoming that scary Bama team again. 

10. Alabama Crimson Tide (@ #9 Texas A&M, W 41-23): The only thing I have to add on here is that Derrick Henry is a frickin animal. Great win for the Tide.

11. Florida State Seminoles (vs. Louisville, W 41-21): Hey whadya know, FSU actually looked like a quality football team. Good for them.

12. Michigan Wolverines (vs. #7 Michigan State, L 27-23): Just cue it up again. Still cannot believe this.

13. Ole Miss Rebels (@ Memphis, L 37-24): Memphis is undefeated, but c'mon Swag Kelly. Memphis, bro? Really? Swaggggggg...

14. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. USC, W 41-31): Good. Keep winning Notre Dame, it makes our win over you guys look better. 

15. Stanford Cardinal (vs. #18 UCLA, W 56-35): Christian McCaffrey had himself a day running the football. How's 243 yards and 4 TDs sound? Oh, and some Stanford guy made the catch of the year. Sick defense UCLA. 

16. Oklahoma State Cowboys: BYE

17. Iowa Hawkeyes (@ #20 Northwestern, W 40-10): Iowa keeps on rollin. Gotta love it. I still don't know anything about this football team. I guess Akrum Wadley running for over 200 yards and 4 TDs is pretty good, right? 

18. UCLA Bruins (@ #15 Stanford, L 56-35): What happened UCLA? Seriously, what happened?

19. Oklahoma Sooners (@ Kansas State, W 55-0): Hey, you think Oklahoma was pissed about losing to Texas?

20. Northwestern Wildcats (vs. #17 Iowa, L 40-10): It's too bad Northwestern didn't stay good. That was fun for a little while.

21. Boise State Broncos (@ Utah State, L 52-26): I don't think any team can win any kinda football game when turning the ball over 8 times. EIGHT.

22. Toledo Rockets (vs. Eastern Michigan, W 63-20): Yeah, go Rockets!

23. California Golden Bears: BYE

24. Houston Cougars (@ Tulane, W 42-7): Always kinda liked Houston. Hope they keep it rollin.

25. Duke Blue Devils: BYE

And there ya have it. Week 7 is in the books. About as good a college football weekend as you could have.

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