Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Guy Tries to Assault a Woman, She Promptly Bites Off His Tongue and Escapes

SourceThe victim of an attempted sexual assault escaped after she bit off her attacker's tongue, and South Carolina police caught the alleged assailant when his mom called police to report that her son’s tongue was gone.
North Charleston cops arrested the teenage suspect, who has not been publicly identified, at a Waffle House on Oct. 16 after his mother placed a call for help because her son’s tongue was bitten off, WREG reported. Cops quickly connected the man to an assault that had been perpetrated earlier.
During that incident, a 33-year-old North Charleston woman told police she opened her front door at 6:30 a.m. to find a man holding a knife, according toWCBD. The suspect allegedly forced his way inside, tackled the woman, punched her and took her into a bedroom. As he began to assault her, the woman kicked the suspect in the groin, according to the police report reviewed by WCSC, at which point the man responded, “Now you have to die.”
When he subsequently forced his tongue into her mouth, the woman “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”
She was able to flee and call for help. Cops found the woman with a visible bruise and swelling around her right eye and scratches under her left knee and on top of her left foot, WCSC reported.
The suspect’s tongue was located at the crime scene, along with a knife allegedly used in the attack.

Love the poise and awareness of this chick. That's some scary shit, and she was able to just bite the dude's tongue off. Pretty incredible. That's not easy to do. 
I read another source that said the attacker is only 16 years old which is pretty messed up. I don't get how a 16 year old can just be going through his daily life and then just decide he's gonna try to attack some random lady. Also, the mom called in that his son's tongue was missing. I'd love to hear that conversation. "Hey honey, how was scho--oh my god where's your tongue?!" "Uhhh, some lady bit it off when I tried to rape her." Real tough.

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