Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Money Friday

I like West Virginia +21.5 here. Baylor isn't actually that great and 21 points is a lot. I think they'll be able to hang around for the game.

A&M is coming off the bye week here. They're 4-0 right now. Although, I think Alabama is going to win this. Although they had that fluke loss to Ole Miss they're still one of those teams that's always good and finds a way to win. I guess thats the Saban effect.

I love Michigan -7 here. Although the game is at Michigan State, the Wolverines have been too good this season. They lost their first game and since then they have barely given up any points. I think Michigan will roll over the little brother Michigan State.

Florida hasn't looked THAT great this season except against Ole Miss. They'll be at LSU for a night game. I like Florida +7.5, they have a good defense that should keep it close. 

I love Clemson -16 here. I was in Death Valley for the game last week against Georgia Tech and the stadium was so wild, I don't see Clemson ever losing at home.

I love Notre Dame -6 here. USC just lost their coach cause he's an alcoholic. I think it will be tough for USC to come out and beat Notre Dame.

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