Tuesday, October 27, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 8

Not a lot of marquee matchups in week 8, but there was still plenty of excitement in the world of college football. Another week, another INSANE ending leading the way in that department. Here we go.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (@ Rutgers, W 49-7): The Bucks made the switch to JT Barrett at starting QB and it paid off. Granted they played Rutgers, but Ohio State actually looked like they belonged at the top of the rankings.

2. Baylor Bears (vs. Iowa State, W 45-27): As I'm writing this I saw that QB Seth Russell will be out for the remainder of the season with a neck injury, so that could hurt Baylor going forward. At the same time however, no offense to Russell, but I don't think it matters. Baylor's offense will put up points. It's just a matter of time before they play a real opponent and their defense gives up 85 points.

3. Utah Utes (@ USC, L 42-24): Yikes. The Utes got absolutely worked by the Trojans and all of a sudden their hopes for a playoff birth got crushed.

4. TCU Horned Frogs: BYE

5. LSU Tigers (vs. Western Kentucky, W 48-20): LSU is playing Western Kentucky while everyone else plays conference opponents. A big thing for them though is that they got QB Brandon Harris going a little bit this weekend. If he can be decent even, with Leonard Fournette running the football, they can be a very very dangerous football team. 

6. Clemson Tigers (@ Miami, W 58-0): This was an absolute massacre from the start. Just a total and utter domination of a once proud football program. Clemson absolutely humiliated the Canes and gave them their worst loss in school history. Not only that, but the Tigers might have murdered Miami's star quarterback on a play in which Clemson only rushed TWO guys. They had 5 guys blocking 2 guys and the play resulted with a sack and a concussed quarterback. Clemson had 416 rushing yards on the day, and Deshaun was very efficient throwing the ball when he had to (rarely actually had to since Clemson was getting 7 yards a pop on the ground). I was laughing out loud when Miami players were celebrating tackles down 28-0 in the second quarter. And then 5 minutes later I was laughing out loud even harder when that 28-0 lead turned into 42-0 in a span of about 20 seconds. This game was AWESOME. And I don't expect anything different next week when we play NC State. I was looking at State's stats yesterday and saw that they've been putting up pretty good numbers offensively and defensively. And then I looked at their schedule. Their first FOUR games were against either FCS schools or horrible FBS schools. They've won one conference game and that was against Wake Forest. Can't wait to keep murdering football programs to the point where they have to fire their head coach (Miami fired Al Golden last night). 

7. Michigan State Spartans (vs. Indiana, W 52-26): This game was a lot closer than the final score. It was 28-26 well into the third quarter, and if it weren't for two missed PATs and a missed field goal it could have been 31-28 Indiana at one point. And then Indiana just started fumbling the ball left and right in the fourth quarter and it led to a blowout. Michigan State has yet to impress me. 

8. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. Tennessee, W 19-14): Derrick Henry is really good and I like watching him, but that's about all Bama can hang their hats on. Tennessee blew another game against a ranked conference opponent which is literally all they do. Bama has some good wins this year, but this wasn't one of them.

9. Florida State Seminoles (@ Georgia Tech, L 22-16): I kinda wanted FSU to be undefeated when Clemson played them so that it would make our demolition of them that much better, but the ending of this game was awesome, and I laughed my ass off because FSU actually STINKS. Can't wait to crush them. Check out the highlights though because this was the insane ending of week 8.

10. Stanford Cardinal (vs. Washington, W 31-14): I don't usually like Stanford but I kinda like this team because they've bounced back from losing their first game of the season so well. I thought they were gonna suck after putting up 6 points against Northwestern opening weekend. But since then, I don't think they've scored less than 30 and they've demolished pretty much everyone, including some quality opponents. 

11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: BYE

12. Iowa Hawkeyes: BYE

13. Florida Gators: BYE

14. Oklahoma State Cowboys (vs. Kansas, W 58-10): Kansas might be the worst Power 5 school in the country so I didn't expect anything less from the Cowboys. They stay undefeated.

15. Texas A&M Aggies (@ #24 Ole Miss, L 23-3): Not sure what's happened to the Aggies offense but playing good teams might have something to do with it. Getting their asses handed to them from Bama and Ole Miss back to back weeks shoves A&M outta the top 25. 

15. Michigan: BYE

17. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Texas Tech, W 63-27): The Sooners are still taking their anger out on teams after that loss to Texas.

18. Memphis Tigers (@ Tulsa, W 66-42): It's a shame (not really) that Missouri and Auburn suck because otherwise we'd have a hell of a top 25 with all these Tigers in it. Memphis stays undefeated.

19. Toledo Rockets (@ UMass, W 51-35): Down 28-10 at the half on the road? No problem for Toledo.

20. California Golden Bears (@ UCLA, L 40-24): Josh Rosen and UCLA looked a lot more like the team they were earlier in the season after losing two in a row. And they knock Cal outta the top 25.

21. Houston Cougars (@ UCF, W 59-10): Houston stays undefeated. And UCF stays defeated.

22. Temple Owls (@ECU, W 24-14): And the Owls stay undefeated as they get set to take on Notre Dame, with College Gameday in town this week. 

23. Duke Blue Devils (@Virginia Tech, W 45-43 4OT): Another thriller in the ACC. And this one went into four overtimes. Duke's putting together another strong season and we could see them in the ACC title game.

24. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. #15 Texas A&M, W 23-3): Swag Kelly and Ole Miss got back on track Saturday and will look to keep it rolling as they get deeper into the SEC conference play. 

25. Pittsburgh Panthers (@ Syracuse, W 23-20): Good for Pitt, they've got a solid season going so far. But, a last second field goal to get a win over Cuse is never impressive so I don't know if they're actually anything to be scared of.

I got a quick question as we wrap up week 8 here. When was the last time that Memphis, Toledo, Houston, Temple, Duke, and Pitt were all in the top 25? My guess is never. 

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