Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Brooklyn Chef Serves Only Scrap Meat to Asians

NY PostThe chef at a three-Michelin-star eatery in Brooklyn dictated that lesser pieces of meat be given to Asian customers and Upper West Siders, a new lawsuit charges.
César Ramirez of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare — which charges a flat $255 per person plus a $50 “service charge” each — was blatant about his biases, according to the suit filed by some of his former sous chefs and servers.
He openly prohibited Asian customers from being placed too close to him at his section of the Downtown Brooklyn restaurant’s chichi counter, routinely referring to them as “s- -t people,” ex-server Emi Howard alleges in the suit.
And when it came time to distribute cuts of meat during the fusion French-Asian meal service, Asians — along with suspected Upper West Siders — were given inferior scraps, while preferred diners were given choice chunks, the suit says.
“When a large piece of meat was cut into many pieces for the guests, Defendant Ramirez instructed Ms. Howard to give the worst pieces of meat to the ‘s- -t people,’ i.e. Asian people, and to Upper West Siders,” the suit states.
When an Asian patron was once placed close to Ramirez during one of his culinary cabarets, the chef boiled over with rage at Howard, who is Asian, the document states.
“On one occasion, Ms. Howard ‘violated’ Defendant Ramirez’s discriminatory rule by seating Asian individuals close to his spot at the center of kitchen counter,” the suit states.
“In response, Defendant Ramirez subjected Ms. Howard to a wild verbal tirade.”
“Mr. Ramirez from then on took control of the seating, so that he could ensure that no Asians be sat next to his place.”
Howard and four other former employees also accuse Ramirez and owner Moe Issa of cutting them out of tips and bilking them out of overtime pay.
The plaintiffs claim in the suit that the restaurant automatically charged a 20 percent gratuity for each bill but that servers never saw a dime of those $50 tips.
They also say Issa and Ramirez refused to pay staffers overtime, even when they worked more than 70 hours a week.
Howard and fellow axed staffers Kyle McMahon, Loren Mash and Santos Hernandez are seeking unspecified back pay and damages.
Ramirez refused to comment Monday night.
Issa said in a statement that the restaurant was an equal-opportunity environment.
“We pride ourselves on the diversity of our staff,” the statement read. “And we welcome everyone who comes through our doors.”

Okay, obviously pretty messed up guy here, but it's pretty hard not to laugh when reading some of this. Just thinking of how pissed this guy must get when an Asian dude walks into his restaurant is kinda hilarious. Asian guy walks through his doors and it's time to dial up the scrap meat. Guarantee this chef gets off on giving the "shit people" the shit meat. "Hahahaha Asian guy thinks he can come in here and enjoy a normal meal. Not on my watch." All while shoving cow fat scraps into an artisan sandwich. 
I can't imagine how much of a living hell the one server's life must have been when she sat an Asian to close to the chef. Surprised she didn't just walk out the door and quit on the spot once Ramirez saw it. Girl's got balls though. If I were a waiter and the chef didn't want an Asian getting near him, you best believe I'm shoving the Asian folks in the corner. Can't risk getting chopped up by this psycho and made into scrap meat for Asians. 
In all seriousness though, where does this guy get the ass to discriminate against certain customers when he charges $255 a meal and demands a $50 tip (that he doesn't let the waiters have)? The guy makes at least $305 a person and he's gonna feed some of them scrap meat that would have otherwise been thrown away?! Get outta here! Lock this guy up. 

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