Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Florida Dude Being A Florida Dude

Source- Jason Puckett was arrested over the weekend for trying to hide 6.5 pounds of cow tongue in his pants and exit a Wal-Mart in Volusia County. The 44-year-old from DeLand, Fla., was charged with retail theft and was taken to Volusia County Branch Jail on $2,500 bond, DeLand police said.

What in the world does one do with 6.5 pounds of cow tongue?! I didn't even know Walmart sold cow tongue. Who would ever buy that?! I'm kind of puzzled about the whole cow tongue thing. Anyways, how much could cow tongue really cost? This guy doesn't look homeless or anything, I feel like he could afford some cow tongue. Don't be ashamed of yourself for buying cow tongue, bro. (Jk you probably should cause that's really weird)

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