Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Canadian Psychos

Source- TORONTO - A Canadian family lived with a corpse in their upstairs bedroom for six months because they believed the deceased man would be resurrected if they prayed, but the body was discovered when the family was evicted for not paying the mortgage. Kaling Wald, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police that her husband had died, an offense under the provincial Coroner's Act, and was sentenced on Monday to probation and counseling, her lawyer told Reuters on Tuesday. Peter Wald, 52, died in March 2013 of what authorities believe were natural causes following a foot infection linked to his diabetes, defense lawyer Peter Boushy said. His wife Kaling Wald left him in bed and sealed up the bedroom in their Hamilton, Ontario, home to prevent the odor of decomposition from disturbing the busy household, which included five of the couple's six children, as well as other adults living in the home. "Just as Jesus raised Lazarus after the fourth day, so too did she believe God would resurrect her husband in due time," said Boushy. 

WHAT?!?!!?!??! How big of a sociopath do you have to be to do this?! Absolutely ABSURDDDD. I'm not going to knock people for having their own religious beliefs and what not but COME ON LADY. Turn your brain on!!! He's dead, he's not coming back. Imagine believing in something as much as this lady believes in her religion? I don't think I'd be able to handle it. Do you think when is DEAD BODY started to decompose in their bed she started to think "huh maybe he isn't coming back"? I think it's nuts to think that a dead body is going to be resurrected in the first place but a rotting dead body? My goodness, woman. I don't know how no one noticed the smell? I've never smelt a decomposing body but I know that maybe a mouse that got caught in a trap when you were away on vacation smells god awful when you get back. It's not a smell you just ignore either. I'm not sure how this lady "sealed up the bedroom" either, that rotting body is going to smell either way. 

P.S. How about that van that the guy apparently drove around before he died. Look like chester the molester a little more why don't ya. 

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