Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Countdown

Editors Note: We're excited to publish another basketball post. Thanks to Onie for writing this.

The Countdown

            The one and only Kobe Bryant. We call him the Black mamba, why? The reason is simple, he is one of the most fierce basketball players to ever play the game and plays with the most heart I have ever seen a player play with, Kobe is a competitor. People say he doesnt pass, people say he shoots too much. What do people say about him being the first play in NBA history to score 30,000 points and have 6,000 assists in his career. People will talk and not give Bryant credit but the stats prove he is one of the best that has ever played the game and he is not done yet. Kobe is on his way to passing MJ (Michael Jordan) on the all time scoring list. Jordan is #3 on the list right now but I do not see that sticking up.

Kobe Bryant on points, assists milestone: 'I pass more than what people say

            The two best of all time side by side. Kobe is 36 years old and still proving he is not done yet he should still be considered in elite talk. 26.6 points a game Kobe averages this year which makes him the NBA leader in that category to this day. Bryant is about 100 points behind Jordan at this moment, 100 points from passing his idol in points ever scored. Bryant signed a two year deal earlier this year which means he will be playing at least 1 more season after this one given he stays healthy. The guy is an animal and never takes no for an answer. 1 ring behind Jordan he is and maybe if the Lakers owner would get his head out of his ass he would tie or pass Michael in that category too. Instead the owner signs mediocre players and doesnt sign start athletes to play along side Kobe. Instead of hiring Phil Jackson who has won all of Kobes rings with him the Jim Buss, the owner decided to hire a coach named Mike dantoni, one of the worst coaches who does not know what the word defense means. Kobe makes the best of what he has though as we can see by him leading the league in scoring.

            There will only ever be one Michael Jordan but there also will only ever be one Kobe Bryant. Lebron should not even be in the conversation as either of these athletes. Lebron is Lebron and will never be the best of all time. Kobe based his game off of Jordans game and you could see it when they used to play each other. You cannot put Kobe down because he will always get right back up. Bryant tore his achilles and did not play last season and is now back stronger than ever. He is a different breed and now he is about to pass the best player of all- time for the #3 scoring spot. Jordan says he passed more but he never had 6,000 assists. What are the haters saying now? There is nothing to say, give the mamba credit he has never listened to them and now he will never be forgotten. Bryant will be a basketball legend, he is a ruthless competitor and one of the most clutch players to ever play the game. Let the countdown continue. I could go on for days about how amazing the Mamba is but I will let the stats speak for the 2nd best maybe the 1st of all time.

Kobe Bryant, ladies and gentlemen.

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