Friday, May 1, 2015

Fire Jam Friday

FINALS WEEK IS OVER! Holy shiiiiiiiit it's been a long ass week. Today was easily a top 10 worst days of my life. Having two accounting exams in the same day is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Buuuut it's about to get a whole lot better cause the week is finally over and I can finally put out my Fire Jam Friday. Starting it off with some Papa Roach (lol) because "suffocation, no breathing" is what finals week just did to me. And I'm finishing it off with Free Fallin' even though I've put it on here, just because it feels so god damn good to be done with this week. Mixed in the middle is my favorite song off the new Zac Brown Band album, Mariah's new single (she just keeps putting out jams, her fastball still sits at like 91-92), and a sick new Brantley Gilbert song from his platinum edition album. Enjoy folks. If you're done with exams like me, congrats. Party it up to this playlist tonight. If you still have to take exams, sucks. Doesn't mean you can't listen to this and get drunk tonight though. It's Friday!


Bonus Track because this version is about 800 times better than the original, but it's not on spotify.

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