Monday, May 25, 2015

Yankees Swept by Rangers, Now Have Lost 6 Straight and 10 of Their Last 11 Games

On May 11 the Yankees were 21-12 and had a 4 game lead at the top of the AL East. Now they're 22-22 and 1.5 games back of the Rays. Considering they just got swept by a team below .500, have lost 6 straight, and 10 of their last 11 games, being a game and a half out isn't terrible. But what is terrible, is that the Yankees look like the worst team in the league. They can't pitch, they can't hit, and they can't field. Pretty tough to win baseball games when you literally can't do anything. Things don't get easier for the Yanks either as they open up a series with the Royals this afternoon who own the best record in baseball. I actually despise watching this baseball team play. It's pathetic. There are only five players in the line up who even have a prayer of getting a hit. There is no starter currently pitching well. The bullpen was unhittable in April and has suddenly fallen apart pretty much. They make a ton of errors and absurd baserunning mistakes. Usually I get mad at Girardi for this kinda shit, but at this point I don't even think it's his fault. He does what he can with a bunch of inbred jackasses, but it's just not enough to make them a competent group of athletes.

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