Monday, May 25, 2015

Top 10 Concerts You Should Go to this Summer

It's that time of year again. Memorial Day rolls around and you start thinking about all the concerts you wanna go to over the summer. Everyone loves going to concerts. I don't care if you like the music that much, tailgating and getting shitfaced in the parking lot is always a blast. Last year T-Swift and Kenny Chesney weren't on tour but you'll see them this year, and this year the #1 from last year Katy Perry is taking the summer off so keep that in mind. 

10. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is a relatively new obsession of mine, but it's for good reason. The girl has an absolutely unreal voice and I feel like you just gotta hear it live. It's the kinda concert where if I had a girlfriend (pretty big "if") I'd beg her to go to it and then act like she dragged me to it. But there's really no need to be embarrassed. The girl is a straight superstar. 

9. Jason Aldean
I've seen Jason Aldean live two summers in a row. I don't know if I'll make it a third straight seeing as though I have zero dollars but ya never know. It really is a great show, and tailgating at country concerts is always an awesome time. He and Kenny's tours are gonna combine for a few stadium shows over the summer and I simply can not imagine how sick it would be to go to one of those. 

8. Luke Bryan
Even though Luke Bryan's new single is trash, he's still an absolute blast to go see live. Hopefully he has better songs on his new album that he can start to include on tour this summer, or just stick to his classics cause they're all straight fire. 

7. Florida Georgia Line
I saw FGL last summer when they were on tour with Jason Aldean and they were really good. They have their own tour for part of the summer, and then they're doing some shows with Luke Bryan too. If you can't kill two birds with one stone and catch both em I'd still recommend you see FGL because they put on a frickin show.

6. Tim McGraw with Billy Currington
Tim McGraw's still got it and I'd love to see him live. A few of my friends went last year and they said it was sick. I'm not sure if that's because of the show or how drunk they were or a combo of both but regardless I'd like to go. Billy Currington is one of my favorite country artists so that would be a nice bonus to see him too. 

5. Zac Brown Band
I didn't like ZBB too much until I saw them live last summer and they were amazing. And now they just came out with an incredible new album and I might end up like Luke going to see them three times this summer. Just a great band to go see live. 

4. Dave Matthews Band
Finally saw DMB last summer for the first time and I can honestly say it's the best concert I've ever been too. They're such an awesome jam band, and just absolutely incredible live. Dave and co. straight up put on a show. 

3. One Direction
1D slips a spot this year, but only because of who else is actually on tour this summer. Obviously with Zayn gone it could be a little different if you've seen them before but probably not too much. These four still know how to put on one hell of a show and it should still be a blast. Like I said last year, just go with a bunch of chicks your age, stay away from the teenagers, and don't be creepy. Just get drunk and enjoy the fuck out of some of the best music the world has to offer. At this point, it would be funny to go just to see the reactions of parents with 14 year old daughters there when you're crushing beers in the parking lot before the show. Again, just don't be creepy. 

2. Taylor Swift
I'm sure a lot of you thought my girl Tay would be #1 and for a while I thought I'd do it too. But I reconsidered and you'll understand when I get to #1. But back to T-Swift, I don't get anyone who wouldn't want to go see her live. Plenty of chicks in the crowd, great atmosphere, UNREAL music. It all adds up to an awesome time.

1. Kenny Chesney
with guests that include Jake Owen, Eric Church, and Brantley Gilbert
If there was one guy that I'd wanna see live, it'd be Kenny Chesney. His shows just look like an insane amount of fun. I've seen Jake Owen before and he's incredible. Plus he's got a new song coming out Tuesday and hopefully an album soon as well. Eric Church seems like his shows would be awesome. And I've seen Brantley Gilbert before and he put on a terrific show. I don't think all these guys will ever be at the same show, but they all will be touring with Kenny at some point over the summer. And of course, as I mentioned earlier there are a few shows with Jason Aldean at stadiums too. I would do almost anything to see Kenny and Aldean and others at Lambeau Field up in Green Bay. That would be unreal.

Alright, well that does it for this year's summer concert guide. A few others that I considered that I guess you could call honorable mentions are Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith, Nicki Minaj, and Imagine Dragons. Sorry if it was too similar to last year's list but my taste in music hasn't changed much.

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