Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Taylor Swift is Pulling Out All the Stops for Her Upcoming "Bad Blood" Music Video


Holy. Shit. I don't even know if this is the whole cast of this music video or Tay's got more stars to release, but my God this is a fuck ton of star power. I was gonna wait til the music video was released to talk about this cast but I saw Jessica Alba today and had to blog it. Just an unreal line up. I mean, she could do without the most disgusting person on the planet, Lena Dunham, but whatevs. I think all the others more than make up for one annoying piece of shit. Can't wait for this music video. 

Don't forget that this is the Katy Perry diss song. Gotta be tough for KP seeing all these stars get in on a music video for a song shitting on her. Gotta respect the lengths T-Swift has gone to to make this the best music video ever, and to try to bring Katy Perry down. This "beef" has to be the best thing in music today. Can't wait for a song about Taylor Swift on Katy Perry's next album, and I can't imagine what she'll do for her video. It's kinda sad to see the former friends go at it, but really all it's done -- and is gonna do -- is create absolute fire flames in the studio.

P.S. I'm hoping this cast list isn't complete. Need some Selena in there. Absolutely need it. Also, maybe pull the seemingly impossible and bring out Katy Perry herself as the ultimate villain of the music video? How fucking awesome would that be?

P.P.S. I hope Lena Dunham dies in the video (and in real life). I hope her stupid Lucky Fiori character gets fucked up by Knockout, Cut-Throat, Destructa-X and Slay-Z. 

Gonna update the cast as T-Swift releases them:

I know Taylor already announced herself, but this new pic she posted is unreal. Just not even fair.

This video can't be real, can it? I mean good lord.

YESSS SELENA! NEEDED IT. (I also kinda called it, nbd.)

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