Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Someone Tell Slade Heathcott that He was Called Up Because the Best Player on the Team Got Hurt, Not Because He's Good

Hey Slade, take a fuckin chill pill bro. Jacoby Ellsbury's soft ass got injured tonight and has to go on the DL. That's what's allowing you to get called up. Not because you're good. Now if you were getting called up because the Yankees got their heads outta their assholes and designated Stephen Drew for assignment, then yeah go ahead and feel free to tweet that. But not when the best player on the team gets put on the DL. Wake up you fucking idiot.

Also Slade, what if no one around me is special? What if I'm sitting alone in my apartment and there's no one around me to tell them I love them? Guess I'll walk over to the girl in the building next to me who leaves her blinds open from time to time who I have no idea what she looks like but saw her in a thong once and has a nice ass that I love her. 

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