Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Parents Arrested for Pulling Their Baby in a Trailer with a Moped

SourceMyrtle Beach, SC (WBTW) -
A Myrtle Beach couple was arrested Sunday after a state trooper found them pulling a trailer by moped with an infant child inside.

According to a Horry County Police incident report, a South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper saw a man and woman riding a moped and pulling a bicycle trailer carriage on Dick Pond Road around 6:15 p.m. When they pulled over, the trooper noticed an infant inside the carriage, the report said.

The driver of the moped, Mark Cherry, 21, said that he and Bianca Allen, 18 were coming from the Taco Bell, the report said.

The trooper asked Cherry why he was transporting his 7-month-old child in the carriage; he said he was "just going down the road." Allen told the trooper that she "didn't know they couldn't transport her in it" and that she did have her "buckled up."

The report also said that during the transport of the child, the conditions on the roads were rainy due to Tropical Storm Ana.

The child was placed in emergency protective custody with a grandparent, the report said.

Both Cherry and Allen are charged with child neglect.

Incredible. I'm not sure there's any chance of this happening in any place other than Myrtle Beach. Maybe somewhere in Florida? I don't know. This is just so Dirty Myrtle. But also, how else are you gonna transport your baby? If all you own is a moped, what else can you do? Just gotta hook up a trailer to the moped, belt your baby into the trailer and go for it. Sure, all three of you won't be identifiable if you get in an accident but whatever. No one wants to walk to Taco Bell and back. Only option is to start up the moped, strap up the child and hope for the best. Just gotta take that risk. Seems like a solid idea if we're being honest here. If someone makes a safer, less redneck version of this, I'm all in...Oh wait...it already exists. You can hook up that extra cabin/seat/whatever the fuck it is to a motorcycle and you're all set. Unfortunately, that less redneck version costs a whole fuck ton more. Guess the teen moms gotta stick to the moped and trailer for baby transportation. Sucks.

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