Thursday, September 10, 2015

New England Patriots Season Preview

Ahhh yes, the greatest day of the whole entire year (besides winning the Super Bowl and beating the most corrupt commissioner in all of sports). The Patriots are back baby! They face off against the Steelers tonight at 8:30pm and they'll be raising the banner from their fourth Super Bowl win. The best dynasty in sports returns tonight and it feels so right. Tom Brady and the whole team will be firing on all cylinders tonight after their shit show of an off season due to Roger Goodell going on a witch hunt. Anyways enough deflate gate talk, the Patriots are back baby! 

You don't really need to say much when you have the best quarterback in the history of football and one of the best tight ends of all time. The offense should have another great year, Gronk was healthy all last season and he absolutely tore it up so assuming he stays healthy again this season, he'll crush. 
Julian Edelman is obviously also a beast who will be getting targeted quite frequently. It's a shame that Reggie Wayne is a huge babe and thought that New England was too intense to play for (hey bro, show me a non intense team that is a Super Bowl contender every single season) because he would have been a good asset to have. As it usually is for TB12 he doesn't have any huge weapons at WR besides Edelman, the projected starting 2 are Edelman and Amendola. The difference between Edelman and Amendola is pretty big. Aside from Week 1 the Patriots will have LeGarrette Blount as the starting RB, I am extremely confident in Blount, He's a bid dude that can truck so there's not much worry there. Brandon Bolden will be starting Week 1 against the Steelers while Blount serves his 1 week suspension. Scott Chandler could be listed as a co-started at tight end which I think would be great, anyone that's anyone knows that TB12 LOVES having two threats at TE and when he does the team wins. I was impressed with Scott Chandler in the pre-season so hopefully it works out. My pre season guess for the Patriots offense is to absolutely tear shit up. Brady will be a mad man, it will take 6 guys to take down Gronk, no one will be ever to cover Edelman. 

So if you're a Patriots fan, you know that the defense certainly took some blows this off season. They lost one of my favorite Patriots of all time, Vince Wilfork. Although sometimes I may not agree with what Belichick does due to my personal interests, I always know that he's doing whats best for the team and he has a strong history of getting rid of players right before their careers start to decline. The Patriots also lost the scumbag Darelle Revis who was only in New England for his super bowl as well as Brandon Browner who is now on the Saints. The loss of those two in the defensive backfield will be hard for the Patriots to replace but I have faith that Bill will figure something out. Everyone will be looking for Malcom Butler and Tarell Brown to fill the void. The addition of Trey Flowers, Jabaal Sheard and Dominique Easley should be awesome for the defense and can hopefully make up for what they lost in the backfield. The Pats' great linebackers corp is still intact which is a benefit. 

This may sound crazy but the Bills scare me a little. They could end up being a strong competition and not a team to sleep on, I don't think they'll win but certainly give the Pats a run for their money. The Cowboys and Colts back to back both on the road could also prove to be a tough stretch but I know that against the Colts, Tom and the boys will be gunning for the idiot Colts' throats. All in all I think the Patriots will end the season 14-2. They will obviously win the AFC East and my guess is that they will play the Colts again in the AFC Championship game and beat them back down into the ground where they belong.


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