Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NFL Week 3 Roundup: NFC

Starting a new thing here on Top Cheddar, every week Luke and I will do an NFL recap. Luke will do games played in AFC stadiums (and the Patriots no matter what) and I'll do games played in NFC stadiums (and the Packers no matter what). So let's get to it.

Redskins 21, Giants 32: This game didn't get interesting until the 4th quarter. Just a bunch of field goals for a while. Both these teams have got to be some of my least favorite teams to watch. Eli Manning is a total tool. These two teams will be at the bottom of the NFC East even with the Cowboys missing Romo and Dez. 

Falcons 39, Cowboys 28: A tale of two halves in this one. Cowboys led 28-14 at one point and 28-17 at halftime. The Falcons scored the final 25 points of the game thanks to another unreal game from Julio Jones, and a breakout performance from running back Devonta Freeman. Real weird move by the Cowboys to only run the ball 5 times in the second half after Joseph Randle went for 91 yards and 3 TDs in the first half alone, but I don't think anyone's ever praised Jason Garrett's coaching so I suppose that kinda shit is to be expected. 

Saints 22, Panthers 27: A Saints team without Drew Brees isn't gonna win very many football games. Backup Luke McCown did his best, but still came up short against Cam Newton and the Panthers. An unbelievable interception in the end zone late in the game sealed the deal for Carolina. 

Chargers 14, Vikings 31: Adrian Peterson is back to making babies (his wife had another kid on Sunday) and is also back to scoring touchdowns. Only a matter of time before he's back to beating and murdering his children. 

Steelers 12, Rams 6: The field caught on fire before the game, and then what ensued on the field during the game was a complete dumpster fire. Even before Big Ben got injured, the Steelers offense didn't look great. And the Rams offense never really got anything going. So it was a pretty brutal game to watch. The key for Michael Vick and the Steelers while Big Ben is out will be to get the ball to Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, and Martavis Bryant (when he gets back in week 5) and let them do the work. He's still got a good arm but he's pretty much a horrible decision maker and fumbles a ton. So just get the ball to everyone else as fast as possible and that's how the Steelers will remain in contention without Big Ben.

49ers 7, Cardinals 47: The Cardinals are legit. Carson Palmer looks great in that offense, Larry Fitzgerald is back to his usual ways, Chris Johnson had a 100 yard rushing game, the defense looks great. They're a quality football team. That being said, Colin Kaepernick sucks so I think this blow out is part Cardinals being good and part 49ers being bad. 

Bears 0, Seahawks 26: Congrats Seattle, you needed to play the Bears to win a football game. And for the Bears, they are the worst team in the NFL. 

Broncos 24, Lions 12: This game sucked. Peyton Manning looked a little better, but he's not fun to watch anymore. At least his receivers made two ridiculous catches for him that made something about this game worthwhile. Oh, and the Lions, they might be the second worst team in the NFL.

Chiefs 28, Packers 38: Another absurd game from Aaron Rodgers. He's truly incredible to watch. This game really wasn't a ten point game, but the Packers didn't really feel like throwing the ball to seal the game. I wish they would just put the foot on the gas and keep it there the whole game. The defense looked great until they kinda backed off for a little bit. They had 7 sacks on Monday night, and I can't remember the last time that happened for this Green Bay defense. The run defense has improved too. Jamaal Charles had 3 TD runs but he only had 49 yards on the ground. I also love Rodgers just showing the world on primetime how dumb the 49ers were for taking Alex Smith. Smith sucked on Monday night, and Rodgers threw for 5 TDs. Hilarious. Obviously that's not the only thing that makes the 49ers taking Smith #1 overall in 2005 look terrible, but it's awesome to see them head to head and watch Rodgers shove it in everyone's face. Go Pack Go!

Alright, that wraps it up for week 3. Sorry we came up with this idea 3 weeks into the season, but we'll keep it going each week coming up. Also, I'd put up highlights of the games, but the NFL has Hitler as their commissioner and they're YouTube account doesn't allow embedding videos. Every single NFL game has highlight videos up on the NFL YouTube account, and none of them are allowed to be embedded. Unreal. 

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