Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#1 NHL Draft Pick Prospect Gets Into A Fight and Gets Hurt

Incase you're not a big hockey fan, Connor McDavid is supposed to be the next Sidney Crosby. There's a ton of hype about this kid and apparently he's the next huge thing for hockey. This happened the other night and there's been a huge outburst of all the anti-fighting hardos again. I haven't voiced my opinion too much on fighting about hockey because no one cares what I have to say about it but I feel like the time has come. I love fighting in hockey, I think it's great that the staged fights are coming out of the game where guy would just line up at the hash marks and drop the mitts. The fighting that is happening now is guys sticking up for each other. I think that's necessary in hockey. Take this McDavid fight for instance, every single time that he steps on the ice guys are taking shots at him. Late hits, hacking at the wrists, hacking at his ankles. Imagine having that every time you step on the ice? Im surprised it took him this long to drop the mitts. I love him dropping the mitts and sticking up for himself. You would never see this out of cry baby Crosby. Instead he runs over to the zebras and starts complaining and cheap shotting guys. Rather than doing that McDavid stood up for himself. If he didn't guys would have kept running him all season but hopefully that will stop cause he stood up for himself and showed guys that you can't just cheap shot him all night long. Sure his hand got broken but he knew what he was getting into when he dropped the mitts. He could have gotten hurt from a slash, a body check anything. It just happened to be him fighting. 

Current AHL player and former NFL enforcer, Paul Bissonnette shared his views on fighting and hockey and I think it's a damn good one. 
So many of these hockey writers are writing about something they have no clue about. They have never played a second of a professional hockey game so I don't think they have much room to talk. This guy has played in numerous NHL games and dropped the mitts more than his fair share (it's basically all he does) so I think he definitely knows what he's talking about. 

All in all, I think it's a good thing that McDavid stood up for himself. He let everyone know that he wasn't just going to let you take shots at him. That's huge. No, I don't want to see him fighting frequently but I do like seeing guys stick up for themselves. We'll see how he rebounds from this injury but I think he'll be fine. If he does bounce back, I think McDavid showing that he's not a wimp will just increase his draft stock. 

Boston hockey writer also shared this interesting tid bit. I think it worked out pretty well for Bobby, no?

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