Monday, November 24, 2014

AMA's Reaction

So the American Music Awards were last night and I of course watched the whole thing. I love awards shows because usually there's controversial shit, and some of my favorite artists were performing so it's always fun to see what happens. The AMA's aren't as weird, controversial and ridiculous as the VMAs, but still fun to watch and to live tweet. Anyway, here are a few things to take away from this year's AMA's.

Taylor Swift Keeps Reeling Me In
Tay performed her single "Blank Space" to open the show up, and I just keep falling more in love with her. Not only is her music freaking spectacular, her performances are entertaining. Gotta love T-Swift's facial expressions she makes during a performance. Last night her expressions were top notch since "Blank Space" is basically about being crazy. Oh, and then she won the first ever Dick Clark Award of Excellence and they played a video of her being awesome and I got the chills. She's 24 and won an award of excellence. Suck it Beyonce. Bow down to Tay.

It's Impossible to Hate One Direction
I graded One Direction's performance as an A++++ last night, and it holds true today. Absolutely unreal. Oh, and they took home all three awards they were nominated for, including the big one Artist of the Year. These dudes are unstoppable. Look at the hair. Look at Liam's coat. Not even fair. Flames for days.

Lorde Will Murder Us All
Everything this bitch does scares me to death. I have no idea what she's capable of. I tweeted it last night that if she's capable of making people think her music is, there's no way of predicting what else she can do. Never know what this freak will do next, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if her next move is to kill the entire world. And I hate that Tay associates herself with this despicable walk of life. 

Kate Beckinsale Making a Case for Hottest Woman on the Planet
Wow. Just wow. Forgot how hot Kate Beckinsale is. When she walked out to present an award it was literally a "holy fucking shit" moment. Just stole the show.

Ariana Brought Her A Game, As Per Usual
Ari's voice gets to me every time. It's honestly probably the best voice I've ever heard. And her songs lately have been absolute jams. 

Some other noteworthy moments:

Selena Gomez cried during her performance of "The Heart Wants What it Wants" which is a fucking jam by the way.

J-Lo and Iggy's performance of "Booty" didn't have enough booty in it, which was disappointing.

Iggy winning rap awards over Eminem and Drake was laughable.

And here are some of my favorite/least favorite performances/videos from last night.

I'm so scared

Sick hair, The Weeknd


Couldn't find a good video of Tay's performance. Probably keeping it locked up and hidden and making people pay for it, but oh well. Still love you, T-Swift.

1D, Tay, Ari, and Kate Beckinsale clear winners of the 2014 AMA's, and Lorde is the clear loser. Let me leave you with this picture and you try to tell me who doesn't belong. 
What an amazing pic of Selena and Taylor though. Not sure if I've ever seen either look better.

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