Monday, November 17, 2014

Troy Grosenick's 45 Save Shutout Brings His Father To Tears

So this was pretty awesome. Last night the Sharks brought up goaltender Troy Grosenick to play in his first game. He crushed it. He put up a 45 save shutout which is not easy at all. Guy stood on his head. Troy also won the NCAA championship with Union College last spring. Love to see this happen to a stud player and a #cawlidgehawkey player. Anyways, Grosenick's shutout brought tears to his father's eyes. Must have been incredible for him to see his son play in his first ever game and just absolutely crush it. All those years of driving him to early morning practices and driving all over the place just to sit in a freezing rink. Talk about rewarding. I spent most of my youth doing this same exact thing and have always been appreciative that my parents were willing to put their lives on hold so I could do what I love to do. There were 6am games three hours away, late practices, late night games on Sundays. Must be pretty awesome for Troy to be able to see how proud his father is of him. Hope he continues with an awesome career for the Sharks. 

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