Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hey Spurrier, You Can't "Shake Off" a 4-5 Start

SourceCOLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) —Because your college football season isn't complete without a head-scratching but comical comment from South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier, the Head Ball Coach channeled Taylor Swift when talking to radio host Dan Patrick on Wednesday morning. 

Yes, Taylor Swift. 
Talking to Patrick about the Gamecocks' less than desirable season, Spurrier said he's trying his best to "shake it off," which is also the name of Swift's hit song from her new album "1989."
"It's been difficult," Spurrier said. "But you know what? Life's gonna go on, we gotta regroup, we gotta shake it off. Taylor Swift has that new song called, 'Shake It Off,' that's what I told our guys yesterday including me. We've gotta shake it off and get ready for the next game."
Patrick also asked Spurrier about his less-than-one-minute post-game press conference following last week's loss to Tennessee. 
"Well, I just wanted to show up, say a few words," Spurrier said. "I was hoping they would understand I wasn't in a very talkative mood." 
Spurrier and the Gamecocks have a bye week this week, but they head down to Gainesville next week to face the Gators in their SEC finale.

If South Carolina was 8-1, 7-2, 6-3, hell even 5-4 I'd like this move. I think the song came out before the season started, right? Why not employ these tactics after getting BLOWN OUT by Texas A&M on your home turf to start the season? Nice job waiting until your season doesn't have a freaking prayer. It's a lost cause, bro. Nice try, come back next year. You can't shake off a loss when you're 4-5. That's not a thing. Especially when you were preseason ranked 9th in the country and expected to not only compete in the SEC, but potentially compete for a national championship. Classic Spurrier not being up on the current day stuff too. Hey Steve, teams have probably been using the "Shake It Off" attitude since the song came out in August. And it's probably worked. But since you waited until November to try to light a fire under your idiotic players with some T-Swift, it probably won't work out for you. What a clown. Oh well, I guess when you're 114 years old, you don't know what's in. 

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