Thursday, November 6, 2014

KJ McDaniels Throws Down a Disgusting Alley Oop for the Play of the Year

Clemson doin big things all over the place. I always loved watching KJ play at Clemson. By far one of the most exciting players in the ACC last year. The guy is a freak athlete and extremely underrated. I mean, he's only 6'6" and led the ACC in blocks last season. Our basketball program is not even close to being as relevant as our football program, but McDaniels was one of the steals of the NBA Draft in June if you ask me. I mean, are you kidding me with this play? This is absolutely FILTHY, and he does this kinda stuff all the time. Love it. Putting Clemson on the basketball map now as well.

KJ's stats so far this year for the Sixers:
22 minutes/game
9.6 points/game
1.8 rebounds/game
1.6 blocks/game
.514 shooting percentage

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