Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dude Gets 25 Years After Throwing Boiling Water on His Roommate's Face

NY PostBALTIMORE — A judge has sentenced a Baltimore man to 25 years in prison after prosecutors say he threw boiling water on his roommate after a dispute over breakfast sausages.
Prosecutors say 39-year-old Donte Frye was convicted of assault for luring his roommate to the top of basement stairs and throwing a pot of boiling water on his face in April 2013, causing second-degree burns and severe scarring.
Prosecutors say Frye thought his roommate had eaten his breakfast sausages.
Frye was sentenced Monday.
The hefty prison term follows two prior convictions for attempted murder. Prosecutors say Frye stabbed two roommates in separate attacks in 1993 and 2004.
Prosecutors say Frye’s a “violent repeat offender” who hasn’t shown remorse, even mocking the victim of the boiling water attack in a recorded jail call.

Did some serious thinking about this one. Immediately I thought 25 years was way too much for throwing boiling water on someone. Especially because the other guy took his sausages. Some messed up stuff right there. You don't take another man's breakfast sausages. Most important meal of the day, can't be doing that shit. Maybe you should make an effort to get along with your roommate. Especially when the guy is an attempted murderer. That's why I agree with the sentence. Because clearly this guy does want to kill someone. Doesn't mean you get to take his sausages though (even though he'll get plenty of those in prison). And certainly someone taking your sausages doesn't give you the right to murder them. I blame all parties involved for what happened because they're both the scum of the Earth in their own way. 

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