Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Money Friday

Alright ya degenerates, we're back for another week of #FMF. Sorry I missed last week, forget why I did. Since I missed last week I'll give you some NFL picks too.

I'm taking Miami -6 here. That's just easy money. I expect them to come out firing after the devastating loss to stupid FSU last week. 

I'm taking Maryland +5 in this one. Michigan is absolutely AWFUL this year. 

Ole Miss -3.5 all day. Ole Miss is still a good football team and Arkansas still isn't a good football team. Ole Miss should have no problem with this one. 

I'll go with the over on this one. Whenver I take the under with Oregon, it's the over so i'll take the over, science. Ducks put up big points.

I'm gonna go with USC +4 here. UCLA is so over hyped I can't stand it.

I'll take FSU -17.5 here. Although BC beat USC and gave Clemson a run for their money, I think FSU is just too dominant and will blow BC out of the water.

I'm taking California +5.5 here. This should be a good game. Both teams are 5-5 and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to read. 

Without DeShaun the Tigers have been struggling big time. Stoudt is getting benched this week and their 3rd string QB is getting the start. I don't expect them to win by 40.5 points with a brand new QB so I'll take Georgia State +40.5. Hopefully Mark doesn't hate me after this pick.

Packers -10?!?!?! YES PLEASE. That's the easiest money i've ever heard of. GB has been absolutely DOMINANT lately. This isn't even fair. I don't think Aaron Rodgers has played a 4th quarter in over a month. The Vikings don't stand a chance, Sorry Nate.

I'm taking Arizona +7 here. While I don't think that they're the real deal, they're having a good season thus far. Plus Seattle just lost a close game to the Chiefs. I think it will be a real close game.

I'm gonna go with the Cowboys -3.5 here. Eli played the worst game of his career last week and I'm not sure how he'll rebound. The Cowboys have been pretty good this season so that's my pick. 

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