Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guy Gets Arrested for Stealing Rib-Eye Steaks at Wal-Mart

NY Daily NewsThe latest theft story at Wal-Mart is far from being well-done.
A 350-pound man was arrested for shoplifting five rive eye stakes on Tuesday at a Wal-Mart in Spartanburg, S.C.
The man was identified as Rodney Fowler, a 43-year-old man on a motorized scooter.
Fowler was found sitting on top of the steaks and roaming around the store. He was then confronted by a Wal-Mart employee when he passed all points of sale and attempted to exit the store. The woman who confronted him was part of the Loss Prevention department.
The police report states the police officer who arrested him had to cuff him with two pairs of handcuffs due to his size.
Fowler was taken to county jail where he remained under police custody for three hours. He was then released without bond.
There is no mention in the police report on whether the steaks were re-shelved or discarded.

This is why I hate fat people on motorized carts. Get up and walk. Can't be that hard. They just use them for no good anyway. Stealing steaks, cutting lines, getting fatter, taking up unnecessary space. Does society no good to have people who aren't handicapped riding around in motorized scooters. I mean, how many times do you think this guy and other fat people around the world have stolen shit and just sat on it in their carts. Even if you catch these people, who wants to go down there to get the food back? It's ruined. So props to the worker who stopped this guy. Going into dangerous territory to get those steaks back. 

Big part of this story is the cop having to use two sets of handcuffs because he was so fat. Laughed out loud when I read that. How does that even work? I feel like once one pair of handcuffs doesn't work you just gotta wrap some rope around his arms and body, or throw a straight jacket on him. That's sooooo fat.

"There is no mention in the police report on whether the steaks were re-shelved or discarded."

Uhhhh what? If you keep those steaks on the shelves, fuck you Wal Mart. They have fat guy ass sweat on them. Better have discarded them.

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