Monday, November 17, 2014

College Football: Week 12 Roundup

Well, it was a rough week in college football for me and fellow Clemson fans, but all in all week 12 was filled with good matchups, some upsets, and some great games.

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs (@ #5 Alabama, L 25-20): In one of the biggest games of the year, Dak Prescott shit the bed. He struggled all day moving the football on the ground and in the air, including three interceptions. Alabama is just better.

2. Oregon Ducks: BYE

3. Florida State Seminoles (@ Miami, W 30-26): FSU did it again. As much as it killed me earlier in the year, and as much as it killed Luke and Nate this week, FSU just finds ways to win games. No matter how far down they are, you can never count them out. Too bad they're a despicable program and everyone hates them.

4. TCU Horned Frogs (@ Kansas, W 34-30): TCU baaaaarely escaped a brutally awful Kansas team. I love TCU but I have trouble imagining them staying in the top 4 this week.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. #1 Mississippi State, W 25-20): Alabama has been on fire lately, and honestly they're probably the strongest team in the country right now

6. Arizona State Sun Devils (@ Oregon State, L 35-27): Wow, way to get outscored 21-3 in the second half. Great effort. Had a chance to sneak into the top 4 this week with a win, but nope. Just gonna lose to Oregon State.

7. Baylor Bears: BYE

8. Ohio State Buckeyes (@ #25 Minnesota, W 31-24): Well, Ohio State keeps winning and while I'm still not impressed with them and their one possession win over Minnesota, I guess something has to be said for being 9-1.

9. Auburn Tigers (@ #15 Georgia, L 34-7): Think it's safe to say Auburn is not nearly as good as people thought they were.

10. Ole Miss Rebels: BYE

11. UCLA Bruins: BYE

12. Michigan State Spartans (@ Maryland, W 37-15): Hey, great job guys. You beat Maryland.

13. Kansas State Wildcats: BYE

14. Arizona Wildcats (vs. Washington, W 27-26): Not much to say about this one. Didn't watch it. Probably was played at some ghastly hour. Sweet life west coast. From what I can tell though, Arizona with not that great of a win.

15. Georgia Bulldogs (vs. #9 Auburn, W 34-7): While Auburn sucks all of a sudden, this still was a great win for the Bulldogs. Can't believe they lost to South Carolina and Florida though. They'd be #1 in the country right now without those AWFUL losses.

16. Nebraska Cornhuskers (@ #20 Wisconsin, L 59-24): Nebraska got run over by the Melvin Gordon train. There goes my praise for the Huskers.

17. LSU Tigers (@ Arkansas, L 17-0): YES! Finally Arkansas got an SEC win. They were finally able to finish off a game and they did it convincingly. LOL 0 points LSU? Can you say embarrassing?

18. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. Northwestern, L 43-40 OT): Good job, good effort Notre Dame. Got a nice 40-29 lead in the fourth quarter at home, feeling pretty good. But BOOM here comes Northwestern with the stunning comeback. Love it.

19. Clemson Tigers (@ #22 Georgia Tech, L 28-6): Well, here we go. PUKE. Actually almost threw up when Deshaun got injured and Cole Stoudt comes in and throws a pick 6. The only reason I thought we'd win this game is because Deshaun was coming back. But he got injured in the first quarter so I knew it was over then. I mean, Stoudt can't even come in and keep possession of the ball for more than thirty seconds before the urge to give it to the other team kicks in and he throws a pick. Which was probably the worst interception I've ever seen by the way. The defense was fine once again. It's tough when you're on the field every second of the game because your quarterback sucks. And 13 points for Tech were directly from Stoudt pick sixes. Another 3 points were the result of another Stoudt INT. We ended the weekend with some good news though. Deshaun didn't tear his ACL and could be back this season. He's listed as "Day to Day."

20. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. #16 Nebraska, W 59-24): 25 carries. 408 yards. 4 touchdowns. Melvin. Gordon.

21. Duke Blue Devils (vs. Virginia Tech, L 17-16): Duke sucks. Anyone who loses to VA Tech sucks.

22. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (vs. #19 Clemson, W 28-6): Congrats. You beat Cole Stoudt. Ain't that hard.

23. Utah Utes (@ Stanford, W 20-17 2OT): Stanford blows.

24. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. Missouri, L 34-27): Missouri and A&M are two of the weirdest teams in the country. I don't think anyone can get a read on them. Missouri is 8-2 and 5-1 in the SEC now, but they aren't ranked. They're just a really weird team.

25. Minnesota Golden Gophers (vs. #8 Ohio State, L 31-24): They hung tough, but the Gophers couldn't match the Buckeyes. Tough loss.

Well we got Georgia State coming up, and even though our QB sitch sucks, I think we can handle the FCS opponent. Gonna definitely need Deshaun to beat the Gamecocks in two weeks though, despite South Carolina being absolutely freaking HORRIBLE this year. Speaking of the chickens, Steve Spurrier is probably the most classless guy I've ever seen.

I'm praying for Deshaun to have a speedy recovery and comeback for the South Carolina game and just shove touchdowns right down Spurriers throat. I hate that guy. It's time to end the drought. Deshaun is the man to do it. God I hope he plays. Hang up 70 points on those 5-5 suckers from Columbia.

But, we gotta make it passed Georgia State first.

#GoTigers #Pray4Deshaun

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