Monday, November 17, 2014

One Direction "FOUR" Album Review

So many of you may or may not know that I'm a preeeetty big One Direction fan. And by pretty big, I mean there's not a song by them that I don't like. Seems a little strange for some that I'm such a big fan given their largely female fan base, but forget the haters. These dudes just keep releasing fire tunes year after year. This is their fourth album, cleverly named FOUR and I'm here to review it.

FOUR (Deluxe)
1. "Steal My Girl": Amazing song. It was the first single off the album, released a while ago, but it still might be my favorite song on it. Fire.

2. "Ready to Run": Starts off kinda slow, but the chorus picks it up. Great tune, love the lyrics. Heats.

3. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go": Contender for my favorite song on the album. Just an awesome overall sound and it's sung with such passion. Gotta love it. Lava.

4. "18": Starts off real slow. Pretty emotional song, but it's sick nonetheless. Another one where I really like the lyrics. Flames

5. "Girl Almighty": A cool upbeat song, and really catchy. Which is what the sole purpose of the song may be, just a catchy tune to get you tapping your feet and singing along. Gotta appreciate that. Sparks.

6. "Fool's Gold": Another slow one, but this one stays pretty slow throughout. 1D's always solid at making slow songs. Strong lyrics in this one as well. Hot coals.

7. "Night Changes": Back to back slow songs, but you guessed it, it's still a great tune. Nothing wrong with keeping a light beat with good lyrics and great voices. Sizzling embers

8. "No Control": An upbeat song following the two slower ones. It's got a pretty neat sound to it, and it's in the running for my favorite song on the album. Magma.

9. "Fireproof": They may be fireproof, but it doesn't keep them from making fire jams. Had to come up with something to say about that, may not have been the best, but I'm no F. Scott Fitgerald. Anyway, a pretty slow song, but it's still good. Picks up a little bit at the end. Vulcan.

10. "Spaces": Another one that's in contention for my favorite song of the album. Again, starts kinda slow, but the chorus explodes and it's awesome. Inferno.

11. "Stockholm Syndrome": Starts off with a pretty cool sound, and the chorus has a unique sound to it too. Love it. Blazing flames

12. "Clouds": Another song with a cool start to it. The chorus delivers with some catchy lyrics and a sick sound. Fuel.

13. "Change Your Ticket": Really catchy tune, but it's one of my favorites on the album. Love the lyrics and love the beat. I defy you to not crush this chorus. Mount Vesuvius.

14. "Illusion": Starts out on fire, and it never lets down from that point on. Great song. Smoldering heat.

15. "Once in a Lifetime": Another slow song, but it's the same deal as the others. Chorus picks up a bit, lyrics are on point and the song is amazing. Pyre

16. "Act My Age": Awesome sound right from the beginning. Has a little Irish sound in it. Great lyrics, too. Kinda funny song about how when they're "fat and old" they still won't act their age. Volcanic eruption

Overall Grade: A+. 10 outta 10, Two thumbs up. Sea of Flames. I don't do reviews of albums that aren't absolute fire.

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