Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dad Forces 11 Year Old Daughter to Swallow 104 Cocaine Capsules...Of Course One of Them Bursts In Her Stomach

NY Daily NewsA massive manhunt is underway for a Colombian father who used his 11-year-old daughter as drug mule, forcing her to swallow 104 capsules of cocaine, one of which burst inside her stomach, authorities said.
The unidentified child is in critical condition at a Cali hospital. A composite sketch of her father, who was not named, was released by police in Colombia along with a reward offer of $10,000 for information leading to his capture.
The girl was rushed to an emergency room by her dad, who ran in with the child in his arms, according to surveillance video. She is seen writhing on a gurney as hospital staff sprint her away. The video also shows the dad and another man walking out of the hospital. The father did not return.
The father and daughter were supposed to board a plane headed for Spain, authorities said. From there, the pair was going to fly to the Canary Islands, police said. 
Officers who raided the man's home found a ticket for Madrid in the girl's name.
Welfare authorities said they would take the girl into custody.
"In 30 years of service I've seen all kinds of strategies to smuggle drugs but nothing as reprehensible as this," said Gen. Hoover Penilla, Cali's police commander. 
The pills contained more than a pound of cocaine.

Obviously pretty messed up story here. That father should be stoned to death in the town square. (Do they have town squares in Colombia?) But what's surprising to me is that people actually care. Isn't Colombia the cocaine capital of the world? It's like their biggest export down there. I'm surprised the government didn't get a hold of the girl and go ahead and ship her to Madrid with the cocaine inside her. Probably killing the economy to have one of those capsules burst inside her.

Just wanna reiterate that this father should die. Also, that sketch makes him look like someone who would make his daughter swallow cocaine capsules for him. So I guess they got a pretty good sketch artist there.

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