Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Money Friday

So here we are again, another week of college football. I love it. This weekend kind of sucks so I won't have too many games to throw at ya. 

I like UGA -10.5 in this one. Kentucky is absolutely terrible and can't handle big games, they  lost by 38pts when they played LSU.

I'm gonna go with Wisconsin at -17 here. I was flip flopping on this one all day but I finally settled on -17. Wisco has been on FIRE lately. They have outscored their opponents 89-7 in their last two games. I expect their hot streak to continue.

Upset city in this one. I'm taking BC +3 here. BC has already upset USC, and they almost got clemson too. Wouldn't be surprised to see them come out of this one with the W.

Lets go with WVU -3.5 in this one. I think that should be pretty easy for them, even though they've been struggling. Texas is awful this year so I wouldn't expect them to walk out of here with a win.

This might be the worst game of the weekend, i think it has to be. Uconn and Army football are both terrrrrible. You'd think they could find better teams to play at Yankee Stadium. Anyways, Uconn only averages 15pts per game and Army with 23.5. I'm gonna take the under.

I'm taking the Aggies +23.5 here. That's a lot of points to beat a team by and the Aggies aren't bad by any means.

I'm taking the over on this one. This is definitely the game of the weekend. Whenever Saban and Miles get together it's a great game. Anyways I expect both teams to put up a good amount of points. 

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