Monday, November 3, 2014

This "Bye Felipe" Instagram Account is Dumb and I Hate It

So word of this "Bye Felipe" Instagram account is going around today and I'm confused by it. Like I just don't get why women have to do this. This lady made an Instagram account to show people what it's like to be a woman on the internet. I'm sure it's very pleasant being a woman on the internet. 300 likes on every photo, constant compliments on how beautiful they are no matter what they look like, dudes sucking up to them. Oh you get an occasional rude message or a threat from an anonymous dick who was pissed he's not getting it in. Shit happens. It's probably because people are worried about getting catfished by fake accounts like this one. It's like the video where the lady puts on a fat suit for the date and the guy is surprised and women everywhere got offended. Like oh sorry the pictures on your profile made you look about 110 pounds, I wasn't expecting a fucking 300 pounder. I'm sure you're nice but that's not my cup of tea. And it's a dick move. 

I'm not saying some of these messages are okay, but it's not THAT bad being a woman on the internet. Hey ladies, if Lena Dunham can get support from people even though she fingered her sister when she was younger then I think women everywhere should have some confidence. And confidence doesn't come from a dude on Tinder being nice to you. It comes from within. Just chill with these fake profiles and weird Instagram accounts and things will be normal.

P.S. My cover photo on FB is a fucking gem and it has 10 likes. Sucks being a dude on the internet.

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  1. Finally. This account causing guys out (some of their posts are really just nitpicking and look normal to me) just reeks of feminism. Both genders experience shit on okc. Just ignore it and move on. Instead you have to create this instagram acc to let every girl whos been there feel special. News flash, this is normal, might be rude and hurting, but thats what the block button is for. You really dont want to know how its like being a guy there.