Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kid Microwaves a Glowstick, Gets Goo in His Eyes and a Classic Dad Reaction

A lesson for children: when dad tells you not to microwave something, stay out of the kitchen.
Jack was at his parents' house in Mason, OH, the day before Halloween. He heard that microwaving glow sticks made them glow brighter, so decided to try it for himself.
His first experiment went so well that he decided to film it so he could send it to his girlfriend. 
However, the video, now viral, did not go as well the second time around.
"I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show the world what my family already knows extremely well: Whenever Jack decides to do something, it almost never goes as planned," Jack's older brother posted on YouTube.
After about 20 seconds, Jack pulls the smoking glow stick out of the microwave, shakes it, and it explodes all over him, including in his eyes. As his son yells in pain and fear, his enraged father interrupts his football watching to sprint to the kitchen.

So I guess you might have seen this already, but I just saw it on the news and I don't know how quickly it went viral from its November 1st posting. But anyway, I love everything about this video. Dumbass kid doing dumbass kid things. Of course it blows up in his face and on his awesome shirt. Which was hilarious by the way. But obviously the dad is the story here. Just a classic dad reaction when his kid does something idiotic. Fumbling for directions on what to do, fumbling for the phone, forgetting that he dialed the phone, yelling at his kid. "You got it in your eyes! Not to mention all over your awesome shirt!" one of the funniest things I've ever heard. This dad LOVES his kid's shirt. "And with that beautiful shirt on." Doubt it will come out. Laughed immediately when the dad came storming in, and laughed throughout the rest of the video. So many hilarious lines to name em all, but I loved how he was pissed that the kid knocked over his mom's plant too. Dads always get pissed when kids fuck up their mom's things. The "yeah, no shit" might have been the funniest line of them all though. It was like a "wow, my kid really is this stupid" thing. Jack is such a dingaling. 

P.S. How old is this kid? Gotta be like 15, right? Maybe even older? Stop playing with fucking glowsticks bro. Unbelievable.

P.P.S. At the very beginning of the video, does the dad say "no noise" when the kid cracks the glowstick? Because that's also classic dad stuff. My dad gets pissed if I reach into a pretzel bag to grab a pretzel. Makes me put them in a bowl. Can't stand the ruffling of the bag. Just so dad.

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