Thursday, November 6, 2014

A-Rod Apparently Pissed on His Cousin's House to Show Dominance

NY Daily News: An "evil" Alex Rodriguez urinated on a wall of his cousin's home to send a message and mark his territory, Yuri Sucart's wife told the Daily News Thursday in an explosive interview at the couple's Miami home.

Carmen Sucart, whose husband, Yuri Sucart, is A-Rod's estranged cousin and alleged steroid mule, blasted Rodriguez for accusing her deathly ill husband of trying to extort the troubled Yankee superstar..

As his wife spoke, Yuri Sucart lay in a bed nearby, surrounded by a breathing machine and a mountain of pill bottles. Sucart can barely walk, and one of his legs, covered in sores, could be amputated, Carmen Sucart says.

"I'm not doing so good," Sucart said when asked by a reporter how he was feeling.

Carmen Sucart said Rodriguez lied when he told Drug Enforcement Administration agents that a lawyer representing her husband sent the disgraced Yankee superstar a shakedown letter in 2012. Carmen Sucart said Rodriguez first offered to pay the Sucart family to keep them silent about his drug use and extramarital womanizing.

"I want you to put this in the paper," she said. "Alex is so poor, the only thing he has is money. He sleeps with his money, he will die with his money."

“He is the devil,” she added. "He is evil.”

I absolutely love this story. Died laughing when I saw it. How do you not? Alex Rodgriguez is so hilariously irrelevant but relevant at the same time, just washed up, but still in the news, one of the best players of all time, but took steroids. I've been so on and off about A-Rod over the last 5 years it's absurd. But you can't help but admit that he's just a hilariously awkward person. Like I legit crack up at everything A-Rod does these days. Just pissed on his cousin's house?! How is that not laugh out loud funny?! A-Rod is such an asshole, but he's so hilarious with it that it's hard to hate him. It's almost like he does it on purpose, but I don't think he's intelligent enough to do that. He's just an incredibly goofy guy. 

The scumbag cousin and his wife get no love from me. They're trying to act like they're the victims here. Oh maybe you shouldn't ship cocaine all over the place and you'd get a little more respect from people. And that quote by the wife is the most RIDICULOUS thing I've ever heard. "Alex is so poor, the only thing he has is money." No Carmen, no. Alex is so RICH that all he has is his money. Don't try to get all philosophical on me when your husband is dealing yayo while taking money to keep quiet about A-Rod taking steroids. And by the way, my first thought when it was confirmed that A-Rod paid him was that he should get his money back. When you pay someone to keep your mouth shut, you expect them to keep their mouth shut. Backstabbing bitch. Maybe that's why he pissed on your house Yuri. 

And of course A-Rod walks in a room like he owns the place. He's fucking A-Rod. Shouldn't be offended at this point. He's A-Rod, know what you're getting into.

P.S. I've heard that he's been having financial issues, but I can't imagine that's why  Carmen called him poor. I think she called him poor because he has nothing but money, and to her that kinda sucks. At this point, I'm sure Alex doesn't give a fuck. Also, any financial problems he may actually have will be solved when the Yanks dish out a healthy $30,000,000 to him next year. That's thirty million for those of you who can't count all of the zeros. 

Now let's take a look at some of my favorite A-Rod pics/gifs

(he's the one sprinting for the helmet for no reason)

(A-Rod's always had a knack for solving mysteries)

(at least the man knows how to rock a suit and some shades, what a stud)

A-Rod's a god damn clown.

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