Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1989 is Here and There's Only One Word to Describe It: FIRE

It's finally here! I'm a little late with the review but studying and YouTube and Spotify have all been screwing me over this week, but oh well. Here it is. Tay delivered once again.


1. "Welcome To New York": This song was released about a week ago and I wrote about it then. Great tune. Got a cool little beat and a chorus kinda all over the place, but I love it. Just makes you wanna go to New York. Taylor said she started the album off with this because the city has inspired so much of her music recently. Fire.

2. "Blank Space": Love the way she says the "I'm insane" part of that line in chorus. Don't really know why. But that's my takeaway from this song. Flames.

3. "Style": Such a cool beat in this song. Gives me the chills. Just feels like it should be playing at a turning point in some movie. Probably my favorite song on the album. At least the early favorite. Lava.

4. "Out Of The Woods": This one came out about two weeks ago and I also wrote about it. Repetetive chorus but it works. Great beat, and a it has a cool feel to it. Heats

5. "All You Had To Do Was Stay": I like the chorus a lot in this song. Great lyrics and I love the high pitched "stay" part of it. Fire flames.

6. "Shake It Off": Lead single from the album and it's been out for a while, and of course I blogged about it back in August. Still love this song. Scorching hot.

7. "I Wish You Would": This one's got a pretty neat sound to it. Cool lyrics too. I love T-Swift's songwriting, honestly nothing like it. Don't think anyone is better at it. Inferno.

8. "Bad Blood": This song is the one supposedly about Katy Perry. It's a great song but it cuts deep knowing that they used to be friends and now they just hate each other. Blazing flames.

9. "Wildest Dreams": This song sounds kinda like a Lana Del Rey song. Soft background beat and soft lyrics, but I love it. First slow song on the album. Picks up a bit at the end of it. Sizzling embers.

10. "How You Get The Girl": So all I have to do to get Taylor Swift is say "I want you for worse or for better. I would wait for ever and ever"? Sounds good to me. Hey Taylor, I want you for worse or for better (it'd be for better). I would wait for ever and ever. Here I am Tay. I'll wait. By the way this song is sick. Blistering coals.

11. "This Love": Another slow song. I honestly love T-Swift's slow songs. "Tied Together With a Smile," "Dear John," and "All Too Well" are some of my favorite songs. This one will probably join them. Calescent.

12. "I Know Places": Awesome song. Got another cool beat to it, and she puts her vocal skills to work quite a bit in this one. Boiling hot.

13. "Clean": Love this song. Can't even figure out how to describe it. The lyrics are intense, it's kinda slow-ish, but the beat is kinda happy, making it sound like an upbeat song. Which I think is the point because she's saying she's clean from her ex. Who knows. Ovenlike.

Bonus Tracks from Deluxe Version:

14. "Wonderland": Starts off slow, but picks up before the chorus. Kinda has a "I Knew You Were Trouble" feel to it, but not as intense. Love it though. Tropical heat.

15. "You Are In Love": So good. Another slow song, but it's unreal. Gotta hear these lyrics. Just more solid songwriting from Tay. Magma.

16. "New Romantics": If you get tired of reading "this one's got a cool beat" let me know, but there's no other way to describe some of these songs. Some of the beats are unprecedented and this is Taylor Swift we're talking about. Another awesome jam from T-Swift. Sweltering heat.

10 outta 10. 5 stars. Two thumbs up. Whichever way you wanna put it, this album is FIRE. Wasn't expecting anything less, but it's honestly amazing at this point to see Taylor Swift put out unreal album after unreal album. 


  1. Not to ramble off the subject of the genuine talents of Miss.Swift and the pop industry, but another young talented artist in the hip hop industry, Joey Badass (Bada$$) named a track "95 till infinity" not to mention that he stole the idea from Souls of Mischief "93 till infinity", but he named this track after the year he was born, which was featured on the album "1999" an album produced in 2012. So why not call it 2012, i mean that is a year that i think we are all more familiar with, not speaking for everybody but my memory as Tim would say would be a "little foggy" if i were to think back to my youth of '99. I don't remember much from the year 1999 and I don't think Mr.Badass would either. By the way he is not more badass than john Duval, because nobody on this planet is more badass than Duval. If my mathematical technical skills are not to burned out, I believe he was turning 4 years old in 1999, But thats ok, he is a real dope hardcore punk 90's kid that we all wish we were.

  2. "Since 95' my moms been workin from 9 ta'5".....Are you kidding me.....Are you fucking kidding me, I mean the talent displayed in the creativity of these lyrics is pure silver, I mean gold. I mean this is what the rap game has evolved to, you cant spit that shit in the 90's or Big L would bite your dick off.

  3. My self like Mr.Badass was also born back in da days of '95, and I do not consider myself a 90's kid by no means what so ever although I truthfully admire the culture. So therefore if I were to make it, actually when I make it, I wouldn't label an album 1999 or 1989 or 1995 for this matter, I wouldn't label after the year I was born I don't think its creative just idiotically posing and appalling. I disagree with Miss.Swift on her choice of "1989" because she is not from that time, she is not from the 80s and early 90s but what do ya' do when ya' become famous, ya'll gotta make an album themed like that so you can pretend that you are "from that era." For her to label 1989 is wrong, She has no reference or experience from that time other than coming out of some bitches vagina that would probably be her mothers, but it doesn't fucking matter, just call your album 1989, sing about it, and do as you please. It just bothers me because herself and Mr.Badass are not from that particular time that their money making albums are named after, but what ever go rap about it. It just really bothers me, but dont worry me and Bdawg are going to stay underground to the true homies and listeners and will not produce an album, but if I do make an album, it will not be called 1995. Once again it bothers me that they label albums like this... the nerves of these fucking cocksuckers...smh.....

  4. To anyone born in the years of '93, '94 & 95', fellas we were barely 4-7 years old by the end of the 20th century I wouldn't consider any of us 90's kids so lets cut the bullshit on who's a real 90's kid, none of us fucking are!!!!!, We are 21st centenary technology crazed pussies with no ambition but Joey Badass, 19 fucking years old, is a 90's rapper with '95 till infinity on the 1999 album released in 2012, why not call it 2012? A time and year we are all much more familiar with and I'm sure Mr.Bada$$ can relate. Beats me mang.
    Now I apologize for bringing another talented musical artist into discussion but lets get back to the talents of Miss.Swift, she is very talented and yes I would bend it over I mean who wouldn't other than the gay community of Sharon Ct, but all I ask is to stop labeling your records and or tracks after the year you were born, you think its creative but its not, its just stupid and it makes you look like an untalented poser but thats my opinion. However, T-swift is swifter than coach Swifty making a move on Leo DiCaprio in the basketball diaries, I'm 100% sure that with her Swiftness will prevail. Her next album hopefully will be more ground breaking and prevailing than 1989.

    I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT FOR 1990! Now that should be a good album. When 1990 comes out, I will have it on my i-tunes

    Thank you for reading, Stay humble, hungry, high and hell bent for success just as T-swift is. Thank you and God bless America

  5. So she names a platinum album after the year she was born, and despite the obvious talent that is displayed hear, i find it very fucking stupid that talented musicians or artist I should say, such as Taylor, name their albums after the year they were born as if they knew that time or were from that time.Just because you are born in a particular year doesn't make you from that time or era of a decade. In other words naming your album after you're born year doesn't make you from the 80's, doesn't make you alive in that time so why not just make an album name it 1989 and themed the 80s as if you are "from that era"....in other words she is a poser....she is a fucking poser and yet I'm the only one that gets a little ticked or a little rattled from this. Now i haven't been bit by the rattle snake for quite some time but this one really bites.

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