Monday, October 20, 2014

Indian Guy Dies in Soccer Celebration

NY PostNEW DELHI — The Mizoram Football Association says a 23-year-old Indian soccer player has died after injuring his spine while celebrating a goal with somersaults.
Peter Biaksangzuala landed on his back while doing flips last Tuesday in the northeastern state of Mizoram. He died Sunday.
Biaksangzuala scored in the 62nd minute. After his celebration went bad, he was stretchered off the field to a local hospital.
Mizoram Football Association general secretary Lalnghinglova Hmar called Biaksangzuala “a very good and disciplined footballer” who hoped to play in the national I-League.
The football association is planning to organize a match in his memory.
What's with these Indian dudes? I mean, I don't wanna write about guys dying, but when it's the result from doing something as dumb as jumping in a Tiger pen at a zoo and getting mauled by said tiger or dying via soccer goal celebration, then it's not only blogworthy, it's kinda hilarious. Like I've said before, these Indian guys just need to be smarter. How are you that dumb? If you can't beat up the tiger that you're hanging out with, don't jump in its pen or else you'll get eaten. If you can't do a somersault or cartwheel, don't do them or else you'll snap your back in half in die. Especially on the soccer field. You're on television dude. It's not as big as cricket over there in India, but I imagine it's pretty popular. Can't just go die on television bro. You're spooking out the viewers.

P.S. I'd LOVE to know what the announcer was saying. "Gooooooool (or however they say it in India) gooooooool!! Oh wait, he's dead. We'll be back after doctors tend to the dead guy on the field."

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