Wednesday, October 15, 2014

6'8" Brazilian Woman Escaped Poverty By Dominating Men

NY Post: It’s a “big” rags-to-riches story: A 6-foot-8 woman escaped poverty in Brazil — by dominating men for money. 
Ana Lucia Barbosa, 30, who goes by “Amazon Cinthia,” gets paid thousands of dollars to squash and wrestle wealthy men.
The 200-pound gal gets flown around the globe — from Japan to New York City — to perform the private sessions, Barcroft Media reports.
“There’s no shortage of willing clients happy to pay me to sit on them, wrestle them, pick them up and generally boss them around,” Barbosa said.
She added, “I’m finding this line of work has changed my life — and I’m now able to provide for my family.”
Growing up in rural Brazil, Barbosa was teased about her height and never felt comfortable in her own skin.
“I was depressed and I never really liked myself … I played basketball in my teens, but after a bad knee injury, I didn’t know how I was going to do in life.”
But then a stranger approached her in a bar and introduced her to the world of “Amazon” modeling. Soon, men began flocking to her.
She now charges $300 for a one-hour session and is one of the tallest women in the biz. She once made $10,000 in a single day by accepting financial donations from adoring “slaves.”
Her line of work may be racy — but nothing sexual takes place between her and her clients, Barbosa said.
She added, “Some men want to be roughed up and manhandled, others cuddled and smothered. Some just want to give me their money.”
The job comes with challenges that are potentially dangerous — for her clients.
“When I first started and was still learning the ropes, I ended up breaking two ribs on a client after sitting on him,” she said, adding that he had a health problem.
“Now when I start a session, I always ask clients about their fitness and their health.”
Despite having dozens of adoring clients, Barbosa dreams of finding real love and settling down.
“I have had lots of wedding proposals and men saying, ‘I love you’ — but I don’t really know if they love me or if they love my height,” she said.

Unbelievable. Simply unreal story outta Brazil. This woman isn't even the real story here. She's making the most out of her situation. Good for her. But who are these dudes flying her around the world and paying her ridiculous amounts of money to sit on them and break their ribs? Maybe I'm just a normal person, but doesn't that seem a biiiit absurd? I just don't get why these dudes wanna be manhandled. Like that's gotta be some kinda fetish for them, right? But then they don't even get laid! For these weird ass guys, this probably turns them on so much and then 6'8" leaves and the guy is left to just helplessly masturbate. Guarantee it. 
And how bout the guys proposing to her? That's a marriage destined to fail. Guy just wants to get sat on all the time, but 6'8" wants real love. Never gonna work bro. Luckily 6'8" knows how to handle that situation. What a star. It's like a celebrity or an athlete not wanting to get married because they don't know if people actually love them or just want their money. This lady doesn't know if her "adoring" clients actually love her or if they just want a 6'8" Brazilian woman's ass cracking their ribs for the rest of time. 
In all serious though, this has to be a pretty awesome job, no? Just fly around the world pretty much beating up dudes who get turned on by it and then you don't even have to fuck them. What a gig.

P.S. "Some just want to give me their money" is a laugh out loud funny line. Hey, if dumbass Japanese dudes wanna give me their money, I'm not gonna say no, right? 
P.P.S. 200 pounds for a 6'8" woman is pretty good, right? I mean that's basically a giant, and she's ringing in at an even 200. I've seen 5'2" chicks who weigh more than that. 

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