Friday, October 24, 2014

Investment Banker's Wife Accuses Him Of Cocaine Abuse and Shitting In Their Bed

Source- Sage Kelly, 42, has denied allegations of using drugs in his acrimonious divorce from his wife, Christina Di Mauro Kelly. An incontinent investment banker, whacked on liquor and drugs, couldn’t tell his bedroom from the bathroom, his enraged wife charged in their ugly divorce case. High-flying hubby Sage Kelly, after drug and alcohol binges, urinated and defecated in the bed and on the floor at the couple’s homes on Park Ave. and in Sag Harbor, L.I., estranged spouse Christina Di Mauro Kelly alleged in legal documents.

Kinda confused as to why this was news? Isn't this the status quo for investment bankers? Like hey lady have you ever seen Wolf of Wall Street, this is literally part of the job description. Also don't get mad at him for pissing the bed when he's drunk, that happens from time to time. If you've never gotten piss your pants drunk, you're a liar. I guess shitting the bed is preeeeeeetty weird but who am I to judge, this guy probably makes more money in an hour than I ever will in my life. If he wants to rail some lines and go on bingers, go for it bro. His wife sounds like  a SERIOUS wet blanket. I don't know how he lived with her for so long. 

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