Monday, October 27, 2014

Texas Cop with Foot Fetish

SourceOfficer Quinn of the Cy-Fair school district pulled over a woman on Aug. 11 and told her he smelled marijuana in her car, according to the DA's office. Officer Quinn claims he found a marijuana ginder in her vehicle, but the woman told him it did not belong to her and that no one else had been in her car. The cop then told the woman about his foot fetish, the DA's office said. "The officer told (her) that he would let her go if she would let him smell her feet," according to Harris County court documents obtained by the Daily News. "If she refused, he would have to take her to jail."

I'm surprised you don't hear about this more often. A cop arrests someone and offers them an ultimatum. Oh I won't arrest you if you let me see your boobs, or it happens all the time and this guy just got caught. This cop has to be smarter though, obviously if you ask this lady to smell her feet she's gonna think you're a total weirdo. Foot fetishes in general are just weird. Feet are DISGUSTING, how could anyone be attracted to feet? They smell, they're sweaty, gross. Also kind of a dumb move by the lady by not just accepting it, let the dude smell your feet and you won't have to go to jail. I'd take that in a heart beat any day. You wanna smell my free and I'll get to go with no repercussions, sure!

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